Wednesday, July 30, 2008

sneek attack

this is my brother riley... sleeping in the car....

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Horse races!!!!!!!!

My grandma has style....

That was the horse the i bet on..... i bet 2 bucks and won 6.60!!!! not to bad for a newbie

it was a really fun day, me and my mom and grandma red went up to Wyoming and watched this guys horse race. And it was really fun! I thought it was going to be like nascar and be really boring, but it was fun. And there were some funny people to watch to so it made it a little better.

Turtle turtle....

my mom found this little guy in the middle of the road, right by her house!!!!! So she went out and was standing in front of it saying " here turtle, come on" like a dog!!! So anyways she finally got the guts to pick the thing up put it in a box... when i went up there to see it i took it out and fed it some lettuce and a apple and he loved it!! I watched it for a hour, and it was super boring.... but he is a pretty cool turtle.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

aunt kayes plates!

My aunt kaye sent me these plates and wanted me to paint on them, so i was like ok cool!!! but when i got them i was like crap what if i mess up!!!!!!!!! so like 3 sundays ago i woke up and just started painting... my mom was like " arnt you scared ?" i was like hahah uh to late for that. But then aunt kaye told me that the plates were only a dollar at hobby lobby so i didnt feel bad if i messed up... hah just joking. but i thought they turned out really cute!!!!!! my mom wants to take them from her but i know that wont go over to smooth.......

luke riley dad and mom!!

It was lukes birthday the 15, rileys the 24 it was his special birthday because he turned 24!!! but he was in bolivia so i dont have any pictures.... and my dads was the 30th, ( no pictures because we all worked on his birthday...) and today july 2nd is my moms!!!!!! i made her cake... and my gma red made lukes... hers was better by far , she is amazing!!!!! oh and the card i got my mom plays star wars music when you open it... its so funny i saw it at the store and i opened it and couldn't stop laughing , the lady next to me moved away from me hahah oh well... happy birthday everyone!!!