Sunday, September 12, 2010

9 months

Preslee is 9 months old! 
And she is busier then ever.
She LOVES loves loves to crawl and stand and now she is walking along the couch and coffee table
Yesterday I got her some big girl food, mostly because she hates baby food (except bananas, she loves them) So I got her, Raviolis and noodles and veggies, mashed potatoes and chicken with gravy. She LOVED the ravioli last night, she was so happy she was laughing while she was grabbing the pieces in her hand and then she would squish it and then put her messy hand in her face and eat the pieces off her hand. hahah so is such a funny eater. 
She has her top 2 teeth coming in, and now she has another bottom one that will be a total of 5 teeth! 
She also loves avocado (thats my girl!)
She says mama and dada now, and we taught her to bark like a dog! ITs so cute when she does it. She loves to play pat-a-cake and itsy bitsy spider.She learns so fast.
She does good at the babysitters house (my grandma and grandpas) she doesnt cry anymore, so thats good, kuz it was hard to leave her sometimes.

Weight- 18.5 in
Length- 28.5 in
Head- 44.5 cm
She wears 12 month clothes, and some of the pants are to short for her (story of my life) so I just say they are capris, she can get away with floods because everything looks cute on her, but me no i have to cute all my pants that are to short into capris or shorts! And i have a feeling that Preslee will have the same problem haha its not that bad its just hard to find pants that are long enough, without getting a size or 2 bigger. Well thats just a little of what Preslee is up to.

A little about what me and Chase are up to since school started- I got my own bus run, I drive weber High kids (kinda weird since i look like i could be in high school) but its way fun i love it! Chase is busy with work at home depot and going to school, he has a pretty full schedule monday-thursday school and work till 9. We put a offer in on a house up in north fork in liberty. Im not sure we will get it because its supposed to be going into auction so we will see what happens, keep your fingers crossed for us!
House Photo
^this is the house^

we went and looked at it on thursday, it has 6 bedrooms (3 up stairs-3 down) 2 family rooms and room for a kitchen down stairs, 2 car garage , 2 wood burning fire places, a big deck in the back, and a patio under the deck, and its on 1.0 acer and in a beautiful area. I love it! Lots of room.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bus driving is a serious deal

So last week was the first day of school and for me driving bus! I got my first full time bus run,and well in the first 2 days i went through 3 different buses..and on the end of the second day some lady decided to try and turn right in front of my big yellow bus...ended up with me laying down some rubber, my bus turning sideways and that lady having a heart attack (not really, but the look on her face looked like she was having one) This week has gone a lot better, my bus is fixed and its been going great. Preslee is getting use to going to my grandmas to get babysat and we are adjusting to our schedules. Preslee is also 9 months old!!! And getting her first top tooth that will be 3. I havent took her to the Dr yet but last week i took her in because she had a cold and she weighed 18.2 lbs she is getting SO big! more to post later and pictures!