Monday, October 26, 2009


So this is late, but on the 18th it was my hubs birthday!!!!!
It was on a Sunday, so Saturday we went to his mom's house after i got off work, and we ate some bread sticks from my dads and then some chicken wings from wing nuts... its so good!! And the wings are baked... so even better right! And then we played the wii(i watched)..... oh my let me just say there was about...... 5 times i almost peed my pants from laughing..oh and it probably doesnt help having kicks to your bladder :)
Then on Sunday we just hung out at home and had one of Chase's favorite dinners that my wonderful mom made! And then some yummy angel food cake( also his fav.)

So... tomorrow ill have a baby update. I go get a ultrasound to see how the babes is doing, and to see if she is growing and to see if she has enough room to grow anymore! SO.... ill update you all tomorrow some time. Oh, on Nov. 3 i plan the C-sec. exciting right!!!!!!!

ALSO im having a baby shower the.... 14 or 15 i cant remember when it is ( im prego) but i just wanted some addresses of ANYONE who would like to come, its going to be a open house and of coarse it will be fun! So please let me know ASAP thanks!

Monday, October 12, 2009

:) 2 years!!!!

Yesterday was our 2 anniversary!!!!! Chase took friday and saturday off work and then sunday was our anniversary. So i took friday off from driving the bus and took saturday off at my dads so we could spend to weekend together and do whatever we wanted to do.
So friday we went and ate and Lees Mongolian (so good) for lunch.
Then we went to the mall and shopped, went in every store just for fun even if we would never get anything in the store. Then we went to old navy and we were lucky because they had a great sale that day, and so chase was like going all out and was like get whatever you want THANKS BABE!!! But i only wanted these 2 shirts and some comfy pants ( when your prego i found out that comfy pants will fit through out the whole pregnancy) but since i have long legs NO PANTS FIT ME!!!! i have to either get like 2 sizes bigger then i would normally get and risk having them supper baggy.... or get my regular size and just end up cutting them mid shin or below my knee so i dont have floods ( hate that) so i tried on a XL super cute lounge comfy pants and they were long enough but i looked like clown pants and chase laughed at me and said they made my butt look big ( which they did hahah i even laughed) so i tried on a L and they were 6 inches SHORTER what they heck is that all about! So i didnt even try on my Mediums they would of been short shorts for me, so i just skipped the whole pants idea and got my 2 shirts they are so cute and i like old navy shirts kuz there long! And chase got like 5 shirts that he needed BAD! so i was happy he got them. Then we went to pet co and got the pups come dog treats and we looked at all the fish and for the first time i have seen a fish poop!!! I know im crazy but i have never seen one poop before ( not like really wanted to) but yeah so that kinda was cool for me and chase said i was like a little girl at the zoo hahah i was all excited! Then chase took me to jamba juice and got me a smoothie (my weakness) and we went and got cheese and crackers for dinner ( we were still stuffed from lunch so cheese and crackers were just right)

SORRY MORE to read and no pictures yet..... ill post then later

Saturday we went to breakfast, my favorite meal of the day!!!! We had plans to go to a few different places but at the last min. chase was like lets go to golden corral ... not my favorite place... but for breakfast its way good!!! We had the guy make us omelet and waffles! Then we went and got tickets for * couples retreat* super funny by the way!!! But the movie wasn't until 3:10 and it was only 11:00 am so we had some time to waste. So we went back to the mall hahah but this time there were some sales and not alot of people so it was nice. I really really really wanted to get our pictures taken in those little booths in the mall ya know... so we got some taken and went to areopostale and THEY HAD PANTS THEY FIT ME!!! and i only had to get one size bigger!! And they dont make my butt look big (thanks chase for letting me know)
Then chase really wanted to go back to old navy because he wanted to get 2 more shirts. So we walked in and they were handing out these cards, so i opened mine and mine was 10% off and chases was free stickers hahaha so it was nice to get that we only spent 20 bucks and chase said i had to get 2 more shirts to so i did. Then we went to our movie and just went home after because i was DEAD TIRED!!!! And then we watched marly and me ( i cried) and played games on the computer.... nerds!!!!! We never do that but it was alot of fun. We had plans to go to park city but i told chase we could spend the money that we would of used on a hotel, on other things so we just stayed home, which was just as fun just as long as was with chase i didnt care!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Ok well this goes backwards:
This is one of the blankets I made for my little babes
its Minki material and soooo so soft.

This is me 30 weeks

i think im about 27 weeks here

this is 27 weeks also just different days

26 weeks

24 weeks

this is my pups, i just thought she needed to be in this
post because she is just co cute, and she likes to help
me do the laundry. Either she will lay on the warm clothes that i
just fold or she will take the folded clothes and un-fold them for me.
She is so helpful haha

So the baby update: my belly is here!
I feel her move allll the time, and she wakes me up at night with kicks and
her rolling around.
She likes the Rascal Flatts- whenever im listening to them she just goes crazy... thats my girl!
She is going to have the most quilts and blankets then any baby i know!!! 4 from grandma and 3 from me and 2 from great-grandma... all handmade to so thats even better :)
(im actually a little jealous)