Saturday, July 2, 2011

birthdays and wedding

My little brothers birthday was on June 15th he turned 21!!!! Not so little anymore I guess..
Then it was my older brothers birthday on June 24 he turned ....ready for this...27! We are all growing up and it fun to see everything that is happening to us BUT when I look at old pictures of us I wish we were little again, it was so fun being little with no responsibilities no worries other then making sure your brothers dont find your candy hahah I have great memories of my brothers when we were young, we all got along really well and still do now, I love my brothers so much im a proud sister! 
Preslee looks pretty cool with those glasses, dont cha think

 I did her hair in a 'up do' and it made her look SO grown up! She looked so dang cute, i probably took 10 pictures of her and i would of took more but she was done with pictures.
 My little brother got married... it was a perfect day (not to hot, Hallelujah) Alix look so beautiful and she is just so cute I was so excited for her, and Luke was just handsome like always. I was watching him watch his bride walk down the isle and it almost made me cry, just seeing the way she looked at her was so amazing... he is so in love :)

 This is Preslee eating a lemon at the reception hahah so cute
 Brother riley smakin his pinata... there was some good candy in there :)  
MY BIG GIRL!!! i love her so much! She is 19 months old Today... oh speaking of birthdays again, my dads birthday was on the 30th and my moms is today july 2....I love my parents, they have always been there for us kids and have taught us to work, we had to work for our own cars in high school and im pretty sure it made it so we treated our cars better that way. (true right) Thanks mom and dad for everything you have taught me and loving us so much! YOU GUYS ROCK, and your the best grandparents eva!