Friday, August 7, 2009

baby bump... 21 weeks

sorry for the naked belly picture.... you can just see it better this way
because with a my shirt down you cant really tell its there so yeah!
the pups!!!!!! she is so funny

chase flexin for the camera, the boys were brave
to swim up at bear like because it was cold (we got
up there at 6 ish... i think)

me and my cousins kelsie, me, alex! being superstars

BABY BENSON!!!! HE IS SO CUTE, and he is
such a good boy to! this was at the rodeo, and he is
really happy here because he just ate..

the Budweiser Clydesdale's they are amazing!
they weigh like 2 tons and have like a 22 inch horse shoe!
and the horse on the right in the front, it was his first
time pulling the cart!! so that was cool to see


Ok so this is chase playin softball for home depot!!!

This is a yummy cheese pizza my dad made for us but
on the top inside of the box he put " olive you" for my mom!
How cute!!!

This is my cute puppy!!!! Jurnee, she is so fun i love her,
she is actually a really good yorkie pup and i have her potty
trained (but she still has accidents every once in a while, BUT
who doesnt!! right! hahah) and she will sit whenever someone says
sit because she thinks that means treat, and now im teaching her to roll
over! good luck right!

so riley just really likes to eat candles and no cake...
but i dunno that that candle does look pretty good.....
happy birthday riley ( on the 24 of june )

my mom was so excited to use her now oven, and its
really cool because it has 6 burners, and a big oven and a small one
and then a griddle in the middle, for our yummy pancakes!