Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer is here!

( i hope)

So its been awhile since I have blogged, we have been busy!
My birthday pizza 

Preslee loves the park! 

Smelling the dandelions 
18 months! 
Preslee is now 18 months old! She is such a smart girl, she seriously has changed so much in the last few weeks, she is talking more and she can say so many words its crazy. She is also starting to say some sentences and its SO cute! She likes to take her clothes off and then try and put them back on ( thats the hard part) In the morning when i get her dressed she knows that she gets to pick out her socks and sometimes ill say get the green ones and she will grab the green ones! She is working on her colors and counting. She LOVES to be outside and would be out there all day if we let her. She likes to throw rocks and thats my new favorite word to hear her say she says Ock. She also loves to play with my iphone, she goes into her apps and plays and then she goes into the photos and looks at all my pictures and videos, its so cute! She has also started to throw some tantrums and well.... its not pretty!