Friday, January 29, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Picture over load!

I just took this picture like 5 min ago...she just got done eating
she was a happy baby!

Getting burped by my mom

haha i love this pic

not her first smile but one of the first ones i got on camera

This pic is a ring my mom got me, its her Birthstone
( this ring is tiny, it a pinky ring)

This was on christmas day, her and papa

Love those lips!

getting burped again

The lady that was my aide on the bus made these booties soooo cute

sleepin , Christmas Eve

Preslee and daddy just wakin up

Preslee hates head bands and bows .... this one lasted
about maybe 15 min, she wouldn't stop crying, so i
look it off and she started to smile .....hey shes the boss

I love this picture her face is soooo funny, this was right when
i put her head band on.... she wasn't sure what to think yet
so a little update, without pictures ( sorry i will get new pictures up soon)
Preslee is a little over a month old!!! AND SHE HAS CHANGED SO MUCH! We measured her a few days ago and she was 23 inches long ( at her 2 week appointment she was 20, and when she was born she was 18 1/2) so she is growing length wise for sure, and her cheeks are chubby she has a cute round face. I'm not sure how much she weighs but i weighed myself and then picked her up and weighed us together, and the results....... 8 lbs different. Her newborn clothes fit her really really good now, some are short on her legs and arms but still big ( does that make sense)
Her legs are starting to get chubby now to but all her socks still don't fit on her ankles good because there skinny, and her feet are all to big for the new born socks, but way to small for any other ones haha funny, Her eyes have gone from that grayish color to a blue... who knows she may have blue eyes!! that would be cute!! But i know its not her true color yet but i still think it would be cool if they where blue. She smiles now alot!!! Every morning she smiles the whole time I'm changing her diaper and changing her clothes... then she smiles when someone new starts to talk to her, she grabs hair now!!!!!!!! OUCH, and she grabs clothes and her Binky ( she doesn't like her Binky) but when i do get her to suck on it she will grab it out of her mouth OR she will hold it in her mouth with her hand ( that doesn't happen alot) She sleeps great during the night...she will go to bed around 9 or 10 and wont wake up until 3 or 4 to eat and then not again until 8ish....!!!! She is trying to talk now, and she giggles and that is my FAV! i love it!
So everything is going good I'm feeling like 100% better but i still cant do alot of stuff because my stomach muscles are still in hibernation and they don't want to come out yet.

so my next post will be just pictures so get your eyes ready!!! * picture over load my cause - dry eyes and watery eyes..... hahah