Monday, November 30, 2009

2 more days

This is before the baby bump... and ill be taking the final
baby bump picture Wednesday before I go to the
Hospital for my c-section. (and ill be posting it....
as soon as i can)

I went to the Dr. today, I was supposed to go tomorrow but
the yesterday the baby wasn't moving as much as she was
over the weekend so the Dr. wanted to check and make sure everything
was ok, AND it was, and today she is moving like crazy again so
she must of been relaxing all day long which was ok with me because
it made it so i could relax a little better to.
So im still going to the Dr. on wednesday morning, unless
she decides to come tomorrow.... which would be just fine im ready for whenever
she comes (i think)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

ok well i feel like iv had it.....

So starting about last weekend my back started to hurt, not like a horrible back ache but it felt like i just got done working my back out at the gym type pain, so it was easy to stand. Then during the week it started to get a little worse but just in the morning right when i would wake up and then again at night so it still wasn't bad. Then on friday my back and my hips felt like they were out of place and it was super hard to move and walk and lay or sit so basically anything just killed!!! And then these nice lovely pains started to come whenever she would move...
so last night ( saturday) I decided i would go to a movie with my mom and her friends (last min) and we would go shopping before the movie and then go at 6:30 and i felt pretty dang good because i just got up from relaxing on the couch. So we went shopping and then i started to feel kinda crappy but still good, we get to the movie and im dieing!!! She was moving and wiggling all over inside and everytime she did she would cause a stabbing pains across my body, down my legs, up my back, and this wasnt just like 3 times it was through out the WHOLE movie.... so i was sweaty and just in pain even after she would stop for a little while ( which felt so good when she did) so for like 2 hours of that i was done, i told my mom just to take me to the hospital now but then we both laughed kuz i knew i wasnt having contractions so we would drive up there and then be sent home, BUT i kinda wishe i was having contractions instead of getting nerve damage!!! So on the way home she started up again and i was trying so hard not to let them kill me off but my body was just tiered of it and i just started to cry but that actually made me feel better ( or maybe Preslee could hear me and she felt bad that she was doing that so she stopped? hahaha i wish) but she kept it up until about 1:30 and then i went to bed and sleep way good until 9!!!!!!!! With just maybe a few stabbing pains i was really happy!!! So... i think i can now wait until my due date...... on wednesday!!! yay!!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


SO.... today i went to the doc, im 38 weeks and a few days along and the dr. pretty much told me i could go into labor this week.... (crazy right) he said if you dont ill see you next tuesday and we will see how she is positioned ( which will still be breech) and then he said would you like to have the C-section the next day? ( as in wednesday the 2nd!!!!) i was like yeah that sounds just fine with me!!! SO PEOPLE PRESLEE will most likely be here on Dec 2nd no matter what!!! EXCITING!!!!!!!
i also went and got my car seat checked and installed correctly.... and got my oil changed in the car and im getting new tiers , i love new tiers its like getting new shoes in a way and i love new shoes!

SO on a different not, today is the last day of work for me because its the Thanksgiving break so we have WED-SUN off and by the time i would be going back to work (MON) i could go into labor on the bus!!!!!! AND THAT WOULD SUCK! so, im kinda sad i will miss driving but i know ill be kept very very busy and i wont even miss work once baby comes. And i know when i go back to work i wont want to...... maybe i wont :) just kidding

ps. i would be posting pictures but this laptop is retarded sometimes and sometimes my camera wants to be retarded to so.... its hard to get pictures on here but i will put some up of the baby(no matter what) so everyone can see her!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

new update again on baby

so today i went to the DR. and we set my C section date for dec. 9.... but he think she will come early like after thanksgiving or the first week of dec. SOOOO we shall see.
All he told me was to be careful on thanksgiving, if i feel any contractions DONT EAT ALOT OF FOOD!!! haha i was like oh dang really ( joking around) and he was like yeah no turkey sorry ... but its ok kuz i dont really like thanksgiving... i like the DAY but not alllll the food makes me sick and i hate feeling super full and gross so i usually dont eat alot... just stuffing and a slice of ham and then a sweet roll. Thats it... boring i know. So yeah back to baby.... she is doing good just chillin in her little space hopefully not getting smashed.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

baby update

so i went to the dr. and i got my H1N1 shot yay! But so i didn't plan the c section this last appointment BUMMER! But i think for sure we will next week.... ( fingers crossed) but the baby looks good im 35 weeks and 3 days along!!!! HOLY COW RIGHT yeah im like wow she could come ANY TIME kuz thats what the dr. told me because of my situation they usually do the c section at 37 weeks and that would be in 2 weeks so .... so........ yeah anytime people anytime!!