Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yogurt Pie!

This recipe is so easy and just delicious. You'd never guess how healthy it is, too.
1 graham cracker crust
2 individual containers yogurt (any flavor is great but we liked banana cream, key lime, and any of the berry yoplait or dannon--the 6-8 oz kinds)
1/2 small tub cool whip

Mix yogurt with cool whip until well blended
Pour into pie crust
Freeze until set (about half an hour)
Eat with berries or whipped cream for any meal :)
(Stays in fridge for about 2 days pretty well)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

random cute pictures.

So today we went to chase's cousins (Rachel) homecoming.
It was alot of fun, we went to his grandmas house after and ate
all this yummy food and desserts! And got to see all the family,
it was alot of fun, and i got a few good pictures before my camera died.

This is me and chase leaving his grandmas.

OK this picture is out of place, let me explain.....
i cut off a pair of my sweat pants and i put the part i
was throwing away on my head and my little brother
was like I WANT ONE! hahah so he put one on to, and
i think we could start a new trend. ITS RAD!

XANDER! what a cute kid!!!! he didnt want his picture
taken... but AUNT HAILEE is a meanie and took one

this is Enoch (spelling?) SOOOOO cute, LOOK AT THAT HAIR!

Every time i hold him his hungry or sleepy and it usually
turns out me giving him back to his mom or dad within
a min! ..... some day ill get to hold him longer when he isn't hungry
or tired!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Tag- I'm it!
I have been Tagged,
-Post rules on your blog. Answer the six "8" items.
Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving them a comment.

8 Favorite TV Shows: Las Vages, extream make over home edition, CSI, The office, ER, so you
think you can dance, Full house, Biggest loser.

8 Things I did yesterday? I went to work, ate breakfast and did laundry, went to the gym, hurried home and went back to work, finished laundry, watched tv, made dinner.

8 Things I look forward to: Breakfast, The gym, brushing my teeth, BED SLEEPING! pay checks, days off, SLEEPING IN, dates with my hubby.

8 Favorite Restaurants: My dads restaurant ( Piccolos), Chilies, Applebees, Goodwood, Cafe Rio or Costa Vida pretty much the same thing, Cheese cake factory, village inn, Dipping pot OH and famous daves.

8 Things on my wish list: A house, i want spring to be here NOW! A cruise... or hawaii, to find a million dollars hahah hahah... haha.. snap out of it hailee.. want to be unsick and want to know whats wrong with me! play soccer again.


foot prints and whip cream?

So... here in the valley i guess the new thing is to not wear
shoes when you go outside...? Lately my cute husband
has been going out to his car or just whatever he has
to do outside and NOT WEAR ANY SHOES OR SOCKS
poor toes!!! so i took come pictures of his latest... journey
with naked feet.. HE IS CRAZY!!! i can see maybe going
out there with shorts on or no jacket because i do that
but i make sure i have socks, slippers,shoes or boots on!
And trust me i know how his feet and toes feel because i
have done that myself ( and anyone that has been to our
house when he hot tub) we play no truth just dare! And
you usually always have to run around the house and
thast a long run in the deep, freezing, frozen snow! It
cuts your legs up and then you just jump into the hot tub and
ITS WORSE!!! it stings so dang bad but feels so good to be out
of that snow! So... i do know how his poor feet must feel BUT
no one dares him.. he just does it on his own. ( dont worry ill talk to him
and make sure he has shoes on next time.)

oh by the way.. the worst dare was to roll around in the snow and then run
to the end of the yard... touch the fence ( smart huh.. touch a
fence with wet hands...) and run back do i flip on the tramp and then sit in
the snow for a min..... its the worst thing ever!

Oh hello whip cream people.... haha this is Chase
and his shadow Jake. They were making some dessert
and i guess this is as far as they got....