Wednesday, April 4, 2012

spring break!

 Oh how I love spring break! We were supposed to go to arizona but a few things happened that made it so we couldn't go....SO we are stuck here :( its ok though because I have got A LOT of things done around the house. I painted my door YELLOW! It looks so good, i love love love it! Also we have been trying to get my grandma moved out of her house and up to my parents house. She retired on her birthday March 23 GO GRANDMA. We have also been enjoying the warmish weather doing a lot of yard work and that = preslee getting really dirty, so lots of baths for her. She loves bath time so its no problem. So I was looking through some pictures on my lap top and I wanted to put a recent picture up of her and one from when she was around 5 months old.  She has changed so much!! I haven't really noticed but when you see pictures and compare them it shows a lot. I think she looks sooooo different everything has changed BUT her nose ha ha Her hair is now just a few inches from her butt!!!! (when it is straight) she can talks like crazy and says full sentences. She loves chicken nuggets, pizza , any fruit and just a few veggies ( carrots, cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, avocado, pickles and peas in the pod) she also loves yogurt and soup. She is a pretty good eater so i can usually have her eat anything we are eating. She is almost potty trained, for some reason she just doesnt want to do it. It has got in phases, so iv decided we will just keep trying but we wont push her. She does get out of the bath and get on her potty and go....which i think is weird hahah how easy would it be to just go in the tub? but nope, she gets out and goes and then gets back in ha ha she is a stinker. She wears 2t clothes but some of the pants and shirts are to short on her so i have to get her 3t but then the waist of the pants are to big! So im very happy its getting to be warm weather DRESSES and SHORTS! she wears size 4 diapers....skinny girl. Well thats about all that is happening around our house! CANT wait for summer break....may 25 cant come fast enough :)