Sunday, December 27, 2009

I just thought this picture was cute!!!
I will be getting some christmas pictures up soon......

HOPE everyone had a great christmas..... On christmas eve
we went over to my grandpas for just a few hours .. ate.. had a
gift exchange and then opened some presents! Preslee got a ear thermometer
and 50 bucks for my " tier fund " ( i asked for new tiers for christmas thats all
i wanted....) and i got slippers - my fav- and socks and a gift card to best buy.

Then on Christmas, we started opening our gifts at like 11 and Preslee got a bouncer chair
from my grandma and i hurried and set it up and put her in it... turned it on and she fell right
to sleep. My dad got her a little school bus toy, for ages 2 and up hahha but its still way cute and she got clothes (lots) and CD's and a dvd...... so she got pretty spoiled by everyone...
i just love christmas, ny dad is so funny, he got me a game from the movie CARS and its a tier game and he stuffed a few of the tiers with money ... for my tier fund he is a clever one!!!! We didnt make it down to chases parents house so im sure we missed alot of fun stuff but we didnt want to take her out and around kids... dr.s orders


Monday, December 21, 2009

pics pics pics

Me and Preslee just hangin out

this was at her 2 week appointment, she is 20 inches long
now and weighs 6 punds 9 oz. lots better then what i thought
im so proud of her, she is a little muncher now tho... and her
cheeks are getting chubby... ( watch out preslee grandma net will eat
those cheeks)

this is also at her 2 week appointment, waiting to get her
heal poked for her PKU test..... which she did really good and
cried only for a few seconds

so the nurse gave me some little cute hats for Preslee
at one of her appointments, this lady makes them and the
nurse said they dont have any babies as little as Preslee so
she could have them! Yay! they are so cute and she likes
to wear them so they will get used.

You cant really see her head band but she looked sooooo cute
with it oh .... its kinds big for her still so it was only on for maybe 20 seconds
then it slid down over her eyes... so i took it off.

Monday, December 14, 2009


I think she is 3 days old here, the nurses always
did her hair cute and had cute bows in her hair.

chase was having a fun photo shoot with her
he took about 15 pics of her and a video and there all
sooooo cute, not one picture of her crying so she must
of liked it! she just loves her dad (look at her little
hand holding her dads thumb!)

sleeping beauty, she was a week old then

FIRST BATH at home!! she hated it, so the next bath
we gave her we took the sling thing out of it and just held her in the water
and she loved it!

So a little update..
Preslee loves to sleep allll day long and then between 1 and 5 AM
she LOVES to be wide awake, so now im adjusting to her time so its
not to bad anymore. (to bad) last night we kept her up around 8pm to midnight
fed her and then she slept really well until 8 this morning so i think she is adjusting
to. She is a little squeaker... thats her new nick name squeaker... she makes all these cute
little squeaky noises and if you talk to her or do them back she will do them back to you, its so cute. And when you pick her up she likes to squeak so ... that name fits her for now.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

im alive and kickin....

So...... Preslee's Jaundice level went up from when she was in the hospital, so we had to get one of those sweet tanning beds for her to sleep on...(they actually suck because you cant hold them if they cry and its just sad) but so last night the people brought up her bed and she had to be in it allllll night and then alllll day today. Well today she had to go get her heel poked again and get her level checked and they called today and said it went down!! AND that she doesnt have to be in her bed tonight!!!! (IM SO HAPPY) but i still have to take her in tomorrow to get it check to make sure it doesnt go up again.... so.... wish us luck! Also today was the first day i have been by myself, chase had finals all day and so i was alone with the babes all day and its a good thing im starting to feel better and i can kinda move around because today was a CRAZY but fun day.... First Preslee exploded her diaper... hahah her face was so cute while she was doing it i was laughing. Then i was changing her on her tanning bed and she decided to poop right when i was getting the diaper under her bum so poop ALL over the bed thing so i had to call and ask how to clean the bag thing she had to sleep in and when i was doing that the doc called and said she didnt have to sleep on it tonight so i was all excited but finished cleaning it. Then she had a bath because she just pooped way to much today so that= a bath. I never got to sit down or lay down all day so thats why im glad my body is feeling .....better but not good still. now im finally eatting and sitting down doing this when i should probably try to have a nap. hahah i love my life!!!! even with all the crazyness

Preslee is doing great, at her appt. on wed she grew a half inch, her weight is still low like when she left the hospital. Her Jaundice like i said above has gone down! YAY! OH i forgot to say she has to get a ultrasound of her hips because she was breech i guess breech baby (girls) sometimes have hip problems... so they like to get them checked early but the only place they do it at is Primary childrens.... oh the joy of salt lake( i hate it)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

our early christmas present!

Preslee: 6 lbs 4 oz , 18 inch long
C-sections= worst thing in the world and i dont know
why people would choose to have one... NO fun at all...

So today is the only day i have had time and energy to put
pics up, im walking around and doing alot more now so
chase isnt always doing everything! I feel like a witch bossing
him around, i cant wait until i can do stuff myself so he
isnt going crazy, but he does everything without a problem and
he is the best daddy ever! He loves his little girl, but who
wouldnt love her!!! She sleeps great and hardly ever cries so
im really happy about that, she is just so cute i just want to kiss
her all over.... and i do!!!!