Saturday, April 9, 2011

Preslee Pictures

Wow, its been a while since iv posted!
Anyways Preslee had her 15 month check up in march and she is growing like a weed!
Some new words she says are: purple, basketball, ball, bowl, got it, hear ya go, go go go ( to shooo the dogs away) ohhhh man, i dunno, bzzzzzzzzz ( for a bee) and she scrunches her nose when i say do what a bunny does.
Future dr? Probably not she is terrified of them! 
Playin out side when it was warmish


 Preslee goes to my grandparents to get babysat while i go to work, and she LOVES it there! When I go to pick her up she runs to my grandma and doesnt want to leave. Its like a mini pre school, they read books, water the flowers, learn to could her jelly beans and then when she eats one she counts again hahah they feed the animals and pet all the goats and horses. She doesnt like the roosters (there scary) dont blame her they scare me too! She has this goose (MRS GOOSE) that will come out to see her right when we pull up the the house. Then when she is in the barn the goat ( RED) just loves her too. If we would let her she would be out there all day.
She is so much fun! I just wish that over SPRING break we could of been playing out side and gone to some parks but NOOOO its snowing every single day of my spring break, so shoveling snow will have to do. Im seriously so sick of snow, rain would be so much better right now but nope. Oh well, hopefully easter it will be nice weather so we can be outside.