Monday, June 22, 2009


Still no pictures, BUT, i know this is late but i wanted to wish my dad a happy fathers day!!! I have the best dad in the world, and im so glad he is mine! He is such a hard worker, he is very smart and so FUNNY! I hope he had a great fathers day, i did get him some cool stuff and i could tell he was excited to see what he got because he stopped eating and played with his stuff for like 30 min. LOVE YOU DAD!!!!! And to my grandpa even tho he isnt my dad, i still think he deserves a happy grandFATHERS day!!!! And to my husband the father to be... chase is going to be the best dad he already is great with kids and kids LOVE him so it will be exciting to see how he is with our JR. ..... Speaking of the baby, i have a dr. appointment tomorrow and hopefully we will find out what it is, my dr. said if its not shy it will show us what IT is.... crossing my fingers.... so for now its still a JR. chase or JR. hailee!!!!!!

OHHHH AND MY MOMS KITCHEN IS PRETTY MUCH DONE.... AND... me and chase signed on a house so we can start getting it fixed up and all that and we close on july 15!!!! so exciting!!