Friday, September 30, 2011


 My brother Riley got married on Aug 17 in the bountiful temple...and so this is our attempt to get a cute family shot with my phone... instead we get a Preslee sandwich and she was a very ornery girl.
 ISNT SHE SOOOOOO CUTE! gosh i love her! And one of her FAVORITE things is the bath so she was super happy :)
 She loves the park and goes down the BIG slides and loves it.
Advertising ohhhh yeah!
Her hair is getting SO long, when it is straight it goes down past her shoulder blades. 

A few things I want to remember about Preslee are:
So loooves to talk! And talks well for her age she can probably say over 150 words. 
One of my favorite things she says is "what doing?" she started off just yelling it when i would be out of sight and when she would find me she was say mom...what doing? hahah but now she says it alllll the time! She will answer the phone and say HIIII what doing? or if im cutting my nails she comes over and says it again hahah i love it! 
She wears 2T clothes and some of the pants are even to short for her...shes getting tall
She isnt potty trained yet even though she could be she just doesnt like the toilet but she can tell me when she is going to pee or poo so for now she is still in diapers.. size 3 (tall and skinny)
She wears a size 7 shoe
She LOVEs her babies and stuffed animals.
She cant go anywhere without her binky, blanket and baby. 
She sleeps from 9 or 10 until 8 or 9
Her favorite movie is mulan, tangled and tinker bell 
Some foods she likes are- pizza, grapes, peaches, plums, apples, carrots, peas (in the pod) bananas, yogurt and kiefer, chicken nuggets and juice. and of coarse candy but i try to limit it. 
Her personality is SO cute and it grows daily, i love that she can entertain herself. 

Anyways, we have been really busy. School has started and me and chase hardly see each other between school and work. Cant even believe halloween is almost here, and that christmas decorations are already out! Time is flying by! 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

birthdays and wedding

My little brothers birthday was on June 15th he turned 21!!!! Not so little anymore I guess..
Then it was my older brothers birthday on June 24 he turned ....ready for this...27! We are all growing up and it fun to see everything that is happening to us BUT when I look at old pictures of us I wish we were little again, it was so fun being little with no responsibilities no worries other then making sure your brothers dont find your candy hahah I have great memories of my brothers when we were young, we all got along really well and still do now, I love my brothers so much im a proud sister! 
Preslee looks pretty cool with those glasses, dont cha think

 I did her hair in a 'up do' and it made her look SO grown up! She looked so dang cute, i probably took 10 pictures of her and i would of took more but she was done with pictures.
 My little brother got married... it was a perfect day (not to hot, Hallelujah) Alix look so beautiful and she is just so cute I was so excited for her, and Luke was just handsome like always. I was watching him watch his bride walk down the isle and it almost made me cry, just seeing the way she looked at her was so amazing... he is so in love :)

 This is Preslee eating a lemon at the reception hahah so cute
 Brother riley smakin his pinata... there was some good candy in there :)  
MY BIG GIRL!!! i love her so much! She is 19 months old Today... oh speaking of birthdays again, my dads birthday was on the 30th and my moms is today july 2....I love my parents, they have always been there for us kids and have taught us to work, we had to work for our own cars in high school and im pretty sure it made it so we treated our cars better that way. (true right) Thanks mom and dad for everything you have taught me and loving us so much! YOU GUYS ROCK, and your the best grandparents eva!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer is here!

( i hope)

So its been awhile since I have blogged, we have been busy!
My birthday pizza 

Preslee loves the park! 

Smelling the dandelions 
18 months! 
Preslee is now 18 months old! She is such a smart girl, she seriously has changed so much in the last few weeks, she is talking more and she can say so many words its crazy. She is also starting to say some sentences and its SO cute! She likes to take her clothes off and then try and put them back on ( thats the hard part) In the morning when i get her dressed she knows that she gets to pick out her socks and sometimes ill say get the green ones and she will grab the green ones! She is working on her colors and counting. She LOVES to be outside and would be out there all day if we let her. She likes to throw rocks and thats my new favorite word to hear her say she says Ock. She also loves to play with my iphone, she goes into her apps and plays and then she goes into the photos and looks at all my pictures and videos, its so cute! She has also started to throw some tantrums and well.... its not pretty!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Preslee Pictures

Wow, its been a while since iv posted!
Anyways Preslee had her 15 month check up in march and she is growing like a weed!
Some new words she says are: purple, basketball, ball, bowl, got it, hear ya go, go go go ( to shooo the dogs away) ohhhh man, i dunno, bzzzzzzzzz ( for a bee) and she scrunches her nose when i say do what a bunny does.
Future dr? Probably not she is terrified of them! 
Playin out side when it was warmish


 Preslee goes to my grandparents to get babysat while i go to work, and she LOVES it there! When I go to pick her up she runs to my grandma and doesnt want to leave. Its like a mini pre school, they read books, water the flowers, learn to could her jelly beans and then when she eats one she counts again hahah they feed the animals and pet all the goats and horses. She doesnt like the roosters (there scary) dont blame her they scare me too! She has this goose (MRS GOOSE) that will come out to see her right when we pull up the the house. Then when she is in the barn the goat ( RED) just loves her too. If we would let her she would be out there all day.
She is so much fun! I just wish that over SPRING break we could of been playing out side and gone to some parks but NOOOO its snowing every single day of my spring break, so shoveling snow will have to do. Im seriously so sick of snow, rain would be so much better right now but nope. Oh well, hopefully easter it will be nice weather so we can be outside.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Well.... Preslee can now take her shirt off, im guessing the pants will follow and then the diaper.
She is a little parrot, like yesterday i said come on pres and she says "come on" and then i asked her something and i said yes, no or maybe and she says "maybe" hahah its so cute.
Preslee has been SOOOOO so so so so cranky the past 2 or so weeks and i figured she was teething and well i was right, BUT she has cut 2 top molars and is just about to cut 1 bottom one. Poor girl that cant be fun.....Well there ya go just a little update. CANT WAIT FOR SPRING! this snow is beautiful but im wanting to play outside on the grass and drive with my windows down .... and go to the zoo.

Well on a different note- me and my mom just ordered some more toms this will be 4 pairs. I LOVE THEM! and its such a good cause " one for one"
look at the cute girl!

Monday, February 7, 2011


Not a whole lot has been happening in the Rodriguez house lately
We went from being bundled up (even in our house) because of the freezing cold ( -20 degrees at night -15 in the morning) yikes! To only having to wear a hoodie ( 35 degrees)  BRING ON SPRING pretty please  :)

Little miss has started to walk.. well she has been able to walk for a while but she never really wanted to, she would much rather crawl because it was faster. But about 2 weeks ago she just started to walk everywhere and all the time so she is officially walking now, and i couldnt be happier! No more dirty knees and hands, and the bottom of her socks will be dirty not and not the tops :) 

She is so smart! She has started to say a few new words- cheese, all done, thank you and papa. She also can point out nose, eye, ear, mouth, hair, knees, toes, fingers, belly button, bum, shoulders. She loves puppies and whenever she sees one like in a book or tv she says OHHHHHhhhhhh hahah its my favorite. She loves to play with her mega blocks and she loves to open bottles and put lids on oh and off and she still loves books and taking baths 
we ask her what a cow says and she says MOooooo, Dog- wooff wooff 
Yesterday at church she started to say bye bye to everyone and then she got off the bench and was ready to leave. Even though there was still 20 min left :) 

On Saturday, me and Pres had a mommy daughter day ....oh wait we do that everyday! She is my little buddy and even though its hard to shop with her sometimes because she is so busy and sometimes gets a little cranky I take her with me anyways. We went down to toys R us and oh my heck she was in heaven! She says (well at least i think this is what she is saying) THAT that that and she points at whatever it is she wants and if you hand her something that isn't the "that" she was talking about she will push it away or shaker her head NO and keep saying it until you get it right. Sooooo as you can imagine she was saying THAT a lot! We ended up getting that baby you see in the picture (she needed a smaller one) and we got a few books, some treats because we were so hungry! and some bath stuff...i could of went crazy in there and bought soooo much but i didnt let myself ( thank goodness) Then we went to costa vida MMMMMMMmmmmmmmm my favorite. After out bellies were full and we were happy we went to down east outfitters - note to self- remember your stroller for that store- long story short we ended up leaving after being in there for 15 min she was all over the place and she was starting to get reallly tiered and cranky so well we left and went home...and she crashed right with we left the parking lot. It was a fun day with my little bud. 

Superbowl- well we had a lot of food and all i was really excited for was commercials and the half time show. I didnt have a team that i wanted to win so i wasnt all the interested. (but when i use to play NFL blitz i would always be greenbay so i was leaning towards them to win i guess) Me and Preslee went to bed at 8:40!!!! WHAT THAT NEVER HAPPENS either she is not tired yet or im not tired, but we were both wiped out! 
Well happy monday everyone! 

Monday, January 24, 2011

One of my new years resolutions this year was to not eat candy or desserts ( iv done this before for a whole year) well it's been a month almost and I'm still going strong, I'm not doing this to lose weight I'm doing it because sugar just isn't good for your teeth for your body so that's why in doing it. And on a different note, Preslee did not sleep last night, I felt like I was taking care of a new born again .. My body isn't use to this stuff, but she finally went to sleep while I cuddled her, so it made it worth missing out on 4 hours of sleep

Friday, January 14, 2011


Havent posted for a while, iv been busy/lazy.... so Happy late new years! Preslee didnt make it to midnight, she went to bed around 10:00 and usually i go to bed when she does so i was really wanting to go to bed, but Chase wouldnt let i forced myself to stay awake until 12:10 and i was in bed and asleep! Hahaha i use to LOVE to stay up late, but not anymore.
Preslee just got over a cold that i had no idea she had! Crazy right? Well on Saturday night she woke up from a nap and she felt hot everywhere so i checked her temp and sure enough she had a temp 101.6. I gave her some Tylenol and she had her dinner (that she didnt want to eat) so i just cuddled her and she just laid there, thats when i knew for sure she didnt feel good. She went to bed at 9:30 and every 4 hours i woke her up to give her tylenol. Sunday she seemed fine, still a little fever 100 degrees and she was just really fussy. Well, wednesday morning she had a rash alllll over her belly and back i was a little worried kuz i had no idea that she had a cold for one and i was wondering why she had a rash.... so i called the dr, told her she was fussy had a fever and she is getting a tooth in so i wasnt sure if it was her teething or what. So she told us to come in the next day (yesterday) She told us her rash was a virus rash and she probably was just getting over her cold, and her body just fought  it off quick....and today she seems to be feeling better, not as fussy and sleeping soooooo so so so much better! Waking up every hour is NO fun when you have to wake up at 5 to go to work..but we made it through :)
 Preslee gets so excited when she has the tv remote, she loves to change the channels
 She also loves the dog bed, she goes and sits in it and puts her toys in it, just waiting for the day she falls asleep in it.
 Crazy pig tails! this was supposed to be her new spring outfit, but i really wanted her to wear it so ...she did, and she looked so cute.
 She loves her rocking chair
            And today we went out and played in the snow since it was warm outside! I pulled her around in her sled and she would lean out and get her hand covered in snow and try to eat it off, well..... sad to say we ended out play time early because she leaned to far and tipped over! She face planted in the snow and she had snow all over her face( it was kinda cute, i laughed after i knew she was ok) she hated it at first, she looked at me like get IT OFF! then she found her sock( socks worked better then her mittens, they actually stay on!) and started to eat the snow. We played for about 30 min it was alot of fun.
 i love days off :)
Oh.... ps
can i just tell you something that bugs me WAY bad?
Well i hate when you get home from shopping and your looking at the clothes you got, taking the tags and stickers off ect...well thats what i did last week and i get to chases hoodie and it still had the ink thing that the store has to take off still on it! DANG that bugs me. Oh well tomorrow ill go out and get it taken off. haha well have a great day!