Tuesday, May 12, 2009


ok so alot has happened already in may! First it was my birthday on the 9th YAY big 22.... haha and it was such a nice day and i had alot of fun. Me, chase, my mom, dad, and grandpa went to Moore's Restaurant to eat breakfast( we go every year for my birthday) then we went to Costco with my dad to get food for mothers day. Then we went and looked at a house that is by my dads restaurant that is probably going up for sale soon ( i hope) because i want to get it bad! Then me and chase went up to Toad's and played at the arcade played mini golf, raced on the go carts and more mini golf it was alot of fun!!!!!! 
Sunday we went to my grandmas house and my dad cooked steak and shrimp, and we had potatoes, salad, rolls. IT WAS GOOD! Then i got to bust open my pinyata (spelling)  but it was un breakable i swear...... i was hitting that poor sponge bob for a good 5 min and still no candy, just a leg. Then my mom tried and nothing, the poor thing just ripped and fell off the rope, so we stuck it on the the tree and my little brother just slammed it and it broke open... but it was strong!!!! and i got alot of good candy and granola bars! Then i gave my mom her gifts, one was a candle warmer thing... and i got her different wax for her burner, then i took pictures of some flowers and i printed them pretty big and put them in frames for her, and then gave her a note and finally i gave her a picture and a frame that said i love my grandma! surprise! It was a great day we all had alot of fun and were stuffed...... OH YEAh chase made me a yummy cake! it was a chocolate pudding cake! my fav. well i still cant get pictures on here but i promise ill get some up!!!!!!