Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Family pics

Me and Chase

Preslee was playing peek a boo 

cute little fam

my all time favorite picture ever

Jordan (photographer) had preslees treats
and preslee wanted them back

This was a fun but freezing photo shoot, preslee did such a good job. It might look like she has nothing warm on but put lots of layers on her and threw on the dress over all the layers, and she has 2 layers of tights on and socks. (thats for my mom) We did some pictures for Preslees 1 year pics while we were at it. They all turned out so cute! Thanks Jordan.
Merry Christmas everyone!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Preslee is 1!!!!

 Just a few hours before Preslee's arrival via C-section.....
 My " i have a IV in my hand" look
 Chase just being cute
 Dun dun IV
There she is.... FIRST BATH

First diaper change by daddy

Dont we look happy! Chase didnt want to take a pic but i made him, and i was in sever pain with my shoulder strap (dr words) this was right when we got in our room. 

SO SMALL! i love her 

Just got done eating, she was about 2 weeks old here

getting burped, 1 month ish

look at those eyes, its like puss N boots haha

Did you have a good nap!?

new slick hair 

trying to get her to show the camera her teeth


yummy (6 months)

7 months getting ready for fireworks

7 month pics,  look at that toe, just like mommy (tear)

Me: Preslee what are you doing?
Preslee: uhhhh..... nothing 

Hi mom!

Preslee let me see your tongue 

She knows shes not supposed to have that remote 

mad baby

she loves to be outside, even in the cold and fog.

And im just waiting for her 1 year pictures to post!

For her birthday wednesday, the 2nd. We went to my dads restaurant and had pizza, and cake and ice cream.
Preslee got all shy when we sang happy birthday to her, she was trying to hid and turn away from everyone, funny how she knew everyone was singing to her haha
She didnt even touch her birthday cup cake, not at all, she wanted her dad, toys and pizza
She got a doll that is pretty much life size and its pretty heavy from grandma and grandpa great, she got some cute stuffed animals and hair bows from aunt jessie, she got a christmas dress and clothes and a cool riding toy from grandma gay, and papa got her a piano toy and she loves it! she gets shy when she is playing it to because we all look at her and she wants us to come and play with her. It is a pretty cool toy, you can play on the tv when there like 18 months and up, so that will be fun.
When we got home, we opened more stuff. I sat her presents all around her, and she didnt even touch them! Wish thats how it was when  i was wrapping them hahah
So i opened them with her and she got a book, hello kitty plate and bowl, clothes i got her a zebra scooter/pushing things its really cute, and some boots and 2 dresses.
My mom got her some cups, spoons and forks, clothes, undershirts.
Its kinda hard to decided what to give her for her birthday and for Christmas, so i mostly have her clothes and stuff she needed right now and for Christmas she will be getting toys toys toys, and a blanket!

Oh... just a update

Shes not walking alone yet, she can walk if she is pushing something, or when she doesnt really realize that she is walking. Like the other day, she walked from one toy to the coffee table 3 whole steps! and she didnt even realize it until i said YAY PRESLEE GOOD JOB! then she sat down and come crawling to me all fast to give me a hug :)
Also, she hasn't touched the christmas tree, YAY, i was sure she would be all over it but she doesnt care for it...yet anyways.