Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Family pics

Me and Chase

Preslee was playing peek a boo 

cute little fam

my all time favorite picture ever

Jordan (photographer) had preslees treats
and preslee wanted them back

This was a fun but freezing photo shoot, preslee did such a good job. It might look like she has nothing warm on but put lots of layers on her and threw on the dress over all the layers, and she has 2 layers of tights on and socks. (thats for my mom) We did some pictures for Preslees 1 year pics while we were at it. They all turned out so cute! Thanks Jordan.
Merry Christmas everyone!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Preslee is 1!!!!

 Just a few hours before Preslee's arrival via C-section.....
 My " i have a IV in my hand" look
 Chase just being cute
 Dun dun IV
There she is.... FIRST BATH

First diaper change by daddy

Dont we look happy! Chase didnt want to take a pic but i made him, and i was in sever pain with my shoulder strap (dr words) this was right when we got in our room. 

SO SMALL! i love her 

Just got done eating, she was about 2 weeks old here

getting burped, 1 month ish

look at those eyes, its like puss N boots haha

Did you have a good nap!?

new slick hair 

trying to get her to show the camera her teeth


yummy (6 months)

7 months getting ready for fireworks

7 month pics,  look at that toe, just like mommy (tear)

Me: Preslee what are you doing?
Preslee: uhhhh..... nothing 

Hi mom!

Preslee let me see your tongue 

She knows shes not supposed to have that remote 

mad baby

she loves to be outside, even in the cold and fog.

And im just waiting for her 1 year pictures to post!

For her birthday wednesday, the 2nd. We went to my dads restaurant and had pizza, and cake and ice cream.
Preslee got all shy when we sang happy birthday to her, she was trying to hid and turn away from everyone, funny how she knew everyone was singing to her haha
She didnt even touch her birthday cup cake, not at all, she wanted her dad, toys and pizza
She got a doll that is pretty much life size and its pretty heavy from grandma and grandpa great, she got some cute stuffed animals and hair bows from aunt jessie, she got a christmas dress and clothes and a cool riding toy from grandma gay, and papa got her a piano toy and she loves it! she gets shy when she is playing it to because we all look at her and she wants us to come and play with her. It is a pretty cool toy, you can play on the tv when there like 18 months and up, so that will be fun.
When we got home, we opened more stuff. I sat her presents all around her, and she didnt even touch them! Wish thats how it was when  i was wrapping them hahah
So i opened them with her and she got a book, hello kitty plate and bowl, clothes i got her a zebra scooter/pushing things its really cute, and some boots and 2 dresses.
My mom got her some cups, spoons and forks, clothes, undershirts.
Its kinda hard to decided what to give her for her birthday and for Christmas, so i mostly have her clothes and stuff she needed right now and for Christmas she will be getting toys toys toys, and a blanket!

Oh... just a update

Shes not walking alone yet, she can walk if she is pushing something, or when she doesnt really realize that she is walking. Like the other day, she walked from one toy to the coffee table 3 whole steps! and she didnt even realize it until i said YAY PRESLEE GOOD JOB! then she sat down and come crawling to me all fast to give me a hug :)
Also, she hasn't touched the christmas tree, YAY, i was sure she would be all over it but she doesnt care for it...yet anyways. 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

11 months

(not a 11 month old pic but its cute)

Preslee is getting SO big, and so independent. 
She loves to climb on her rocking chair and she tries to climb on the couch and coffee table so we
have to watch her REALLY close. 
Preslee now has a total of 7 teeth 3 on top and 4 on bottom.
She can say Mom Dad, Papa, mamamam for grandma, Hot, OHHHH jurn (jurnee is our dog and i always say ohhh jurn and pet her and Preslee will do the same thing ) she says NO like a champ hahah 
She talks to pictures of babies and animals, its so cute! 
SHE IS SO LOUD! who would of known that i would have a loud baby! 
She LOVES LOVES LOVES pet co , we go about 3 times a month and look at the puppies and cats, fish and birds the turtles and lizards she loves them all!
She has had 5 hair cuts and she needs another one. 
She loves apple juice, and cheese puffs. she HATES peas and beans but i like to try and feed them to her anyways. 
Her personality is coming out everyday and she is so fun! 
She loves to listen to music and she dances and has some really good moves too! and when i dance with her she just rolls over and laughs, its pretty funny
She gets mad if you try to help her do something that she has done before thats funny too, so of coarse i try and help just to see those eyebrows go down 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I LOVE this girl.


I love her hair, her pretty gray eyes, her cute nose and mouth and dimples, her expressive hands (even if she does scratch) her big belly, her ticklish knees and last but not lease her cute feet and toes. She is so much fun, and I couldn't imagine life without her. She is growing up way TOOO fast!

Me and Chase celebrated our 3rd year anniversary on the 11th. We both had to work so we decided to wait until this weekend and go up to Anniversary inn up in logan and stay a night. We had a lot of fun, we went and ate, rented a movie and went back to our room and watched it and...well.. everyone remember this because 1 I didnt fall asleep during the movie, and 2 chase fell asleep during the movie and like 2 hours before me! I was all excited thinking that I would get some great sleep....and that didnt happen. I finally fell asleep at 2:30am and woke up at 7:30! The next morning we ate our breakfast and then went out and shopped a little, then went and ate at the Korean bbq for lunch. Then we headed home and met my mom to pick up Preslee, it was so nice to see Preslee! This was the first time we have been away from her and it felt a little weird, but we knew she was in good hands! (thanks mom) We decided we didnt want to go home yet, so we went to PetCo to look at the animals and fish, Preslee LOVED it! Ill have to get pictures up, but i cant find my USB cord so ill do it next time. Then we went to the mall I got chase a few things for his birthday (18th) and then we went home and had a nap! (much needed for me) I love my little family :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


So here are a few fun facts about little bossy pants:
*she is bossy hahah i dunno where she gets it from
*she has a total of  6 teeth and one more on its way
*she is trying SO hard to walk, but not there yet
*she LOVES to be outside! Im going to have to bundle her up for winter
*she loves avocados, peaches, bananas, pizza crusts and well pretty much anything that isn't baby food
*she loves loves loves books! She talks to the pictures and points at there faces and then laughs
*we ask her "Preslee, where are mamas eyes,nose,ears?" and she will point at them and sometimes grabs them
* she is getting SO big!
*her eyes have stayed the grayish blue color, i think there so pretty.
*she loves to hand you things, and then take them back. And put her toys in buckets and bowls and then pore them out

well, those are just a few things about Preslee
As for our fam- well we are still looking for a house, the house we were going to get needed a new roof before winter and it is a huge roof and it needed a few other things done before we could move in and it would of been way too much soooooo we didnt get it. We have put more offers in on some houses and im crossing my fingers that we get one of them!
OH and this is really random but i weighed myself for the first time since probably May, and iv lost a total of 22 pounds since i had Preslee. im way past my pre prego weight by like 5 pounds so i felt really good hahaha well that about it for us! ill get pictures up soon

Sunday, September 12, 2010

9 months

Preslee is 9 months old! 
And she is busier then ever.
She LOVES loves loves to crawl and stand and now she is walking along the couch and coffee table
Yesterday I got her some big girl food, mostly because she hates baby food (except bananas, she loves them) So I got her, Raviolis and noodles and veggies, mashed potatoes and chicken with gravy. She LOVED the ravioli last night, she was so happy she was laughing while she was grabbing the pieces in her hand and then she would squish it and then put her messy hand in her face and eat the pieces off her hand. hahah so is such a funny eater. 
She has her top 2 teeth coming in, and now she has another bottom one that will be a total of 5 teeth! 
She also loves avocado (thats my girl!)
She says mama and dada now, and we taught her to bark like a dog! ITs so cute when she does it. She loves to play pat-a-cake and itsy bitsy spider.She learns so fast.
She does good at the babysitters house (my grandma and grandpas) she doesnt cry anymore, so thats good, kuz it was hard to leave her sometimes.

Weight- 18.5 in
Length- 28.5 in
Head- 44.5 cm
She wears 12 month clothes, and some of the pants are to short for her (story of my life) so I just say they are capris, she can get away with floods because everything looks cute on her, but me no i have to cute all my pants that are to short into capris or shorts! And i have a feeling that Preslee will have the same problem haha its not that bad its just hard to find pants that are long enough, without getting a size or 2 bigger. Well thats just a little of what Preslee is up to.

A little about what me and Chase are up to since school started- I got my own bus run, I drive weber High kids (kinda weird since i look like i could be in high school) but its way fun i love it! Chase is busy with work at home depot and going to school, he has a pretty full schedule monday-thursday school and work till 9. We put a offer in on a house up in north fork in liberty. Im not sure we will get it because its supposed to be going into auction so we will see what happens, keep your fingers crossed for us!
House Photo
^this is the house^

we went and looked at it on thursday, it has 6 bedrooms (3 up stairs-3 down) 2 family rooms and room for a kitchen down stairs, 2 car garage , 2 wood burning fire places, a big deck in the back, and a patio under the deck, and its on 1.0 acer and in a beautiful area. I love it! Lots of room.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bus driving is a serious deal

So last week was the first day of school and for me driving bus! I got my first full time bus run,and well in the first 2 days i went through 3 different buses..and on the end of the second day some lady decided to try and turn right in front of my big yellow bus...ended up with me laying down some rubber, my bus turning sideways and that lady having a heart attack (not really, but the look on her face looked like she was having one) This week has gone a lot better, my bus is fixed and its been going great. Preslee is getting use to going to my grandmas to get babysat and we are adjusting to our schedules. Preslee is also 9 months old!!! And getting her first top tooth that will be 3. I havent took her to the Dr yet but last week i took her in because she had a cold and she weighed 18.2 lbs she is getting SO big! more to post later and pictures!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

my cute girl!

Me and Preslee have been enjoying our well MY days off until school starts (wednesday) we have been going on a lot of walks. We have been playing in the grass and on the tramp. Playing in the sewing room , she loves to play with yarn and she loves to climb on everything! We have been going on car rides and getting snow cones with no flavor and eating just the ice. We had a crawling race and she beat me! It killed my knees :) and has been learning a lot and growing SO FAST! I dont want school to start, but at the same time I cant wait! (but i know after a few weeks Ill be counting down to all the days off and vacations we get) like fall break and christmas break ect...

Preslee has the cutest personality but she also has quite the temper! LOVE YOU PRESLEE!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer is almost over :(

Where has the time gone! School starts in like 13 days, Christmas is in 4 months, Preslee is 1 in december! And she is already 8 months old....time flies
Preslee is such a noisy little girl, she talks ALL day and she even talks in her sleep. The other night we were driving home and she grabbed chases shirt and started to talk STILL ASLEEP ...hum she gets that from her daddy.
She started to crawl (not scoot or pull herself) at about 7 months and pulls herself up on anything she can. Im not prepared for her to start walking!
She still has 2 teeth that came in at 5 months
She is the BOSS ....hah oh that isnt new

she is such a cutie, look at that face!

Preslee and her daddy! She loves him so much

All my family from Arizona came up this last week to visit and to go to the HOLMES family reunion, we always have fun. This year we played volleyball and took pictures during a thunder storm :) and of coarse we had to get a jumping picture

She is such a happy baby, she always smiles and laughs and when she is tired she is a goof

That is her face she makes when she is getting something, or concentrating really hard... but in this pic she wanted my shoes.

OH and GOOD NEWS: i got a bus run!!!! Im so excited!!! Chase took me out to dinner last night, we went to Double Diamond bar and grill, in the valley. We went on a good night too- 50 cent wings (which were DELICIOUS) and we got a pizza just because i love pizza. And he got me Roses. Right now we are looking at a house up in nordic, hopefully we will get it!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Family fun

(thanks alex for the pics )
My family from Arizona came up on Saturday and will be here until sunday! Its so fun when they are here!

Monday, July 5, 2010

More of Preslee

Over Fathers day weekend we headed up to Preston Idaho for the Digorgio Family reunion! It was so much fun!!!
It was Preslee's first time swimming and she loved it!
We got to be with family and enjoy each others company. On the way up we stopped at the korean restaurant up there and ate and got some stuff to take home with us, WE LOVE KOREAN FOOD its soooo good.