Saturday, August 21, 2010

my cute girl!

Me and Preslee have been enjoying our well MY days off until school starts (wednesday) we have been going on a lot of walks. We have been playing in the grass and on the tramp. Playing in the sewing room , she loves to play with yarn and she loves to climb on everything! We have been going on car rides and getting snow cones with no flavor and eating just the ice. We had a crawling race and she beat me! It killed my knees :) and has been learning a lot and growing SO FAST! I dont want school to start, but at the same time I cant wait! (but i know after a few weeks Ill be counting down to all the days off and vacations we get) like fall break and christmas break ect...

Preslee has the cutest personality but she also has quite the temper! LOVE YOU PRESLEE!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer is almost over :(

Where has the time gone! School starts in like 13 days, Christmas is in 4 months, Preslee is 1 in december! And she is already 8 months old....time flies
Preslee is such a noisy little girl, she talks ALL day and she even talks in her sleep. The other night we were driving home and she grabbed chases shirt and started to talk STILL ASLEEP ...hum she gets that from her daddy.
She started to crawl (not scoot or pull herself) at about 7 months and pulls herself up on anything she can. Im not prepared for her to start walking!
She still has 2 teeth that came in at 5 months
She is the BOSS ....hah oh that isnt new

she is such a cutie, look at that face!

Preslee and her daddy! She loves him so much

All my family from Arizona came up this last week to visit and to go to the HOLMES family reunion, we always have fun. This year we played volleyball and took pictures during a thunder storm :) and of coarse we had to get a jumping picture

She is such a happy baby, she always smiles and laughs and when she is tired she is a goof

That is her face she makes when she is getting something, or concentrating really hard... but in this pic she wanted my shoes.

OH and GOOD NEWS: i got a bus run!!!! Im so excited!!! Chase took me out to dinner last night, we went to Double Diamond bar and grill, in the valley. We went on a good night too- 50 cent wings (which were DELICIOUS) and we got a pizza just because i love pizza. And he got me Roses. Right now we are looking at a house up in nordic, hopefully we will get it!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Family fun

(thanks alex for the pics )
My family from Arizona came up on Saturday and will be here until sunday! Its so fun when they are here!