Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy birthday luka!


Happy fathers day!! I love my dad he is my hero for sure, he works hard everyday and he can do anything! And im glad got his dark hair,eyes and skin!!! LOVE you daddy-o
getting his hair cut...

i got that shirt for him... 2 yrs ago for fathers day

at my wedding, he looked handsome!

At my wedding again... (my fav picture)

He likes to make funny faces during pictures.

him and the boys fixin the house

shooting rileys hand gun

another funny face

watching a soccer game.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


My mom is great... but.... when i get on the computer she watches my every move. So im looking at some of my friends blogs, and im trying to fix mine up and every time she walks by she has to stop and say OH who's is this... let me look... OH HOW CUTE... who's is this? ect.. ect... ect... so its taking me FOREVER to do anything... and im starting to get bugged just a little.... But its ok i just need to hid it from her and ill be ok hahah! i love my mom very much!!!

my mom trying to do 2 things at once... ( catching the rocks, and getting her picture taking )

FULL MOON(s)!! left aunt bobe, center MOM, right aunt kaye!

mom doing her form of the zoolander look....

my beautiful mom at my wedding!

This is my mom on the swing at my grandmas, and my little brother pushed her and she didnt like it at all!!!

this is top secret stuff here... so anyone looking at this do not tell my mom!

my dads pretty flowers!

Flowers at the Restaurant

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lucas graduated!!!! The lady that was announcing the graduates said lukes name wrong, she said William LEWIS Piccolo hahah it was kinda funny because we all thought luke told her to say that.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Chase and luke were
"bee" hunting? It was really
funny to watch because
you couldnt see the bees
so it looked like they
were hitting just air.

But... they had proof, there
was about 20 dead bees
on the ground.

Powder mountian hike.

we are just so darn cute!!!
Riley was our "guide" on the hike

Chase and Luke
Beautiful background i love it...

Danger is my middle name...

This is up in Thayne Wyoming ( really close to Jackson) These buffalo were HUGE!!! I was really scared the people who took care of them told us we could look at them but not to make alot of noise or stand to close. SO i was being very brave, as you can see im standing about 10 feet away from the big animal that could eat me. And chase on the other hand he wanted to jump on it and ride it!!! He was breaking the rules and making noise and trying to get the buffalo to come over to us so he could feed them! But no worries i wouldn't let him :) hahah