Sunday, December 27, 2009

I just thought this picture was cute!!!
I will be getting some christmas pictures up soon......

HOPE everyone had a great christmas..... On christmas eve
we went over to my grandpas for just a few hours .. ate.. had a
gift exchange and then opened some presents! Preslee got a ear thermometer
and 50 bucks for my " tier fund " ( i asked for new tiers for christmas thats all
i wanted....) and i got slippers - my fav- and socks and a gift card to best buy.

Then on Christmas, we started opening our gifts at like 11 and Preslee got a bouncer chair
from my grandma and i hurried and set it up and put her in it... turned it on and she fell right
to sleep. My dad got her a little school bus toy, for ages 2 and up hahha but its still way cute and she got clothes (lots) and CD's and a dvd...... so she got pretty spoiled by everyone...
i just love christmas, ny dad is so funny, he got me a game from the movie CARS and its a tier game and he stuffed a few of the tiers with money ... for my tier fund he is a clever one!!!! We didnt make it down to chases parents house so im sure we missed alot of fun stuff but we didnt want to take her out and around kids... dr.s orders


Monday, December 21, 2009

pics pics pics

Me and Preslee just hangin out

this was at her 2 week appointment, she is 20 inches long
now and weighs 6 punds 9 oz. lots better then what i thought
im so proud of her, she is a little muncher now tho... and her
cheeks are getting chubby... ( watch out preslee grandma net will eat
those cheeks)

this is also at her 2 week appointment, waiting to get her
heal poked for her PKU test..... which she did really good and
cried only for a few seconds

so the nurse gave me some little cute hats for Preslee
at one of her appointments, this lady makes them and the
nurse said they dont have any babies as little as Preslee so
she could have them! Yay! they are so cute and she likes
to wear them so they will get used.

You cant really see her head band but she looked sooooo cute
with it oh .... its kinds big for her still so it was only on for maybe 20 seconds
then it slid down over her eyes... so i took it off.

Monday, December 14, 2009


I think she is 3 days old here, the nurses always
did her hair cute and had cute bows in her hair.

chase was having a fun photo shoot with her
he took about 15 pics of her and a video and there all
sooooo cute, not one picture of her crying so she must
of liked it! she just loves her dad (look at her little
hand holding her dads thumb!)

sleeping beauty, she was a week old then

FIRST BATH at home!! she hated it, so the next bath
we gave her we took the sling thing out of it and just held her in the water
and she loved it!

So a little update..
Preslee loves to sleep allll day long and then between 1 and 5 AM
she LOVES to be wide awake, so now im adjusting to her time so its
not to bad anymore. (to bad) last night we kept her up around 8pm to midnight
fed her and then she slept really well until 8 this morning so i think she is adjusting
to. She is a little squeaker... thats her new nick name squeaker... she makes all these cute
little squeaky noises and if you talk to her or do them back she will do them back to you, its so cute. And when you pick her up she likes to squeak so ... that name fits her for now.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

im alive and kickin....

So...... Preslee's Jaundice level went up from when she was in the hospital, so we had to get one of those sweet tanning beds for her to sleep on...(they actually suck because you cant hold them if they cry and its just sad) but so last night the people brought up her bed and she had to be in it allllll night and then alllll day today. Well today she had to go get her heel poked again and get her level checked and they called today and said it went down!! AND that she doesnt have to be in her bed tonight!!!! (IM SO HAPPY) but i still have to take her in tomorrow to get it check to make sure it doesnt go up again.... so.... wish us luck! Also today was the first day i have been by myself, chase had finals all day and so i was alone with the babes all day and its a good thing im starting to feel better and i can kinda move around because today was a CRAZY but fun day.... First Preslee exploded her diaper... hahah her face was so cute while she was doing it i was laughing. Then i was changing her on her tanning bed and she decided to poop right when i was getting the diaper under her bum so poop ALL over the bed thing so i had to call and ask how to clean the bag thing she had to sleep in and when i was doing that the doc called and said she didnt have to sleep on it tonight so i was all excited but finished cleaning it. Then she had a bath because she just pooped way to much today so that= a bath. I never got to sit down or lay down all day so thats why im glad my body is feeling .....better but not good still. now im finally eatting and sitting down doing this when i should probably try to have a nap. hahah i love my life!!!! even with all the crazyness

Preslee is doing great, at her appt. on wed she grew a half inch, her weight is still low like when she left the hospital. Her Jaundice like i said above has gone down! YAY! OH i forgot to say she has to get a ultrasound of her hips because she was breech i guess breech baby (girls) sometimes have hip problems... so they like to get them checked early but the only place they do it at is Primary childrens.... oh the joy of salt lake( i hate it)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

our early christmas present!

Preslee: 6 lbs 4 oz , 18 inch long
C-sections= worst thing in the world and i dont know
why people would choose to have one... NO fun at all...

So today is the only day i have had time and energy to put
pics up, im walking around and doing alot more now so
chase isnt always doing everything! I feel like a witch bossing
him around, i cant wait until i can do stuff myself so he
isnt going crazy, but he does everything without a problem and
he is the best daddy ever! He loves his little girl, but who
wouldnt love her!!! She sleeps great and hardly ever cries so
im really happy about that, she is just so cute i just want to kiss
her all over.... and i do!!!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

2 more days

This is before the baby bump... and ill be taking the final
baby bump picture Wednesday before I go to the
Hospital for my c-section. (and ill be posting it....
as soon as i can)

I went to the Dr. today, I was supposed to go tomorrow but
the yesterday the baby wasn't moving as much as she was
over the weekend so the Dr. wanted to check and make sure everything
was ok, AND it was, and today she is moving like crazy again so
she must of been relaxing all day long which was ok with me because
it made it so i could relax a little better to.
So im still going to the Dr. on wednesday morning, unless
she decides to come tomorrow.... which would be just fine im ready for whenever
she comes (i think)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

ok well i feel like iv had it.....

So starting about last weekend my back started to hurt, not like a horrible back ache but it felt like i just got done working my back out at the gym type pain, so it was easy to stand. Then during the week it started to get a little worse but just in the morning right when i would wake up and then again at night so it still wasn't bad. Then on friday my back and my hips felt like they were out of place and it was super hard to move and walk and lay or sit so basically anything just killed!!! And then these nice lovely pains started to come whenever she would move...
so last night ( saturday) I decided i would go to a movie with my mom and her friends (last min) and we would go shopping before the movie and then go at 6:30 and i felt pretty dang good because i just got up from relaxing on the couch. So we went shopping and then i started to feel kinda crappy but still good, we get to the movie and im dieing!!! She was moving and wiggling all over inside and everytime she did she would cause a stabbing pains across my body, down my legs, up my back, and this wasnt just like 3 times it was through out the WHOLE movie.... so i was sweaty and just in pain even after she would stop for a little while ( which felt so good when she did) so for like 2 hours of that i was done, i told my mom just to take me to the hospital now but then we both laughed kuz i knew i wasnt having contractions so we would drive up there and then be sent home, BUT i kinda wishe i was having contractions instead of getting nerve damage!!! So on the way home she started up again and i was trying so hard not to let them kill me off but my body was just tiered of it and i just started to cry but that actually made me feel better ( or maybe Preslee could hear me and she felt bad that she was doing that so she stopped? hahaha i wish) but she kept it up until about 1:30 and then i went to bed and sleep way good until 9!!!!!!!! With just maybe a few stabbing pains i was really happy!!! So... i think i can now wait until my due date...... on wednesday!!! yay!!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


SO.... today i went to the doc, im 38 weeks and a few days along and the dr. pretty much told me i could go into labor this week.... (crazy right) he said if you dont ill see you next tuesday and we will see how she is positioned ( which will still be breech) and then he said would you like to have the C-section the next day? ( as in wednesday the 2nd!!!!) i was like yeah that sounds just fine with me!!! SO PEOPLE PRESLEE will most likely be here on Dec 2nd no matter what!!! EXCITING!!!!!!!
i also went and got my car seat checked and installed correctly.... and got my oil changed in the car and im getting new tiers , i love new tiers its like getting new shoes in a way and i love new shoes!

SO on a different not, today is the last day of work for me because its the Thanksgiving break so we have WED-SUN off and by the time i would be going back to work (MON) i could go into labor on the bus!!!!!! AND THAT WOULD SUCK! so, im kinda sad i will miss driving but i know ill be kept very very busy and i wont even miss work once baby comes. And i know when i go back to work i wont want to...... maybe i wont :) just kidding

ps. i would be posting pictures but this laptop is retarded sometimes and sometimes my camera wants to be retarded to so.... its hard to get pictures on here but i will put some up of the baby(no matter what) so everyone can see her!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

new update again on baby

so today i went to the DR. and we set my C section date for dec. 9.... but he think she will come early like after thanksgiving or the first week of dec. SOOOO we shall see.
All he told me was to be careful on thanksgiving, if i feel any contractions DONT EAT ALOT OF FOOD!!! haha i was like oh dang really ( joking around) and he was like yeah no turkey sorry ... but its ok kuz i dont really like thanksgiving... i like the DAY but not alllll the food makes me sick and i hate feeling super full and gross so i usually dont eat alot... just stuffing and a slice of ham and then a sweet roll. Thats it... boring i know. So yeah back to baby.... she is doing good just chillin in her little space hopefully not getting smashed.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

baby update

so i went to the dr. and i got my H1N1 shot yay! But so i didn't plan the c section this last appointment BUMMER! But i think for sure we will next week.... ( fingers crossed) but the baby looks good im 35 weeks and 3 days along!!!! HOLY COW RIGHT yeah im like wow she could come ANY TIME kuz thats what the dr. told me because of my situation they usually do the c section at 37 weeks and that would be in 2 weeks so .... so........ yeah anytime people anytime!!

Monday, October 26, 2009


So this is late, but on the 18th it was my hubs birthday!!!!!
It was on a Sunday, so Saturday we went to his mom's house after i got off work, and we ate some bread sticks from my dads and then some chicken wings from wing nuts... its so good!! And the wings are baked... so even better right! And then we played the wii(i watched)..... oh my let me just say there was about...... 5 times i almost peed my pants from laughing..oh and it probably doesnt help having kicks to your bladder :)
Then on Sunday we just hung out at home and had one of Chase's favorite dinners that my wonderful mom made! And then some yummy angel food cake( also his fav.)

So... tomorrow ill have a baby update. I go get a ultrasound to see how the babes is doing, and to see if she is growing and to see if she has enough room to grow anymore! SO.... ill update you all tomorrow some time. Oh, on Nov. 3 i plan the C-sec. exciting right!!!!!!!

ALSO im having a baby shower the.... 14 or 15 i cant remember when it is ( im prego) but i just wanted some addresses of ANYONE who would like to come, its going to be a open house and of coarse it will be fun! So please let me know ASAP thanks!

Monday, October 12, 2009

:) 2 years!!!!

Yesterday was our 2 anniversary!!!!! Chase took friday and saturday off work and then sunday was our anniversary. So i took friday off from driving the bus and took saturday off at my dads so we could spend to weekend together and do whatever we wanted to do.
So friday we went and ate and Lees Mongolian (so good) for lunch.
Then we went to the mall and shopped, went in every store just for fun even if we would never get anything in the store. Then we went to old navy and we were lucky because they had a great sale that day, and so chase was like going all out and was like get whatever you want THANKS BABE!!! But i only wanted these 2 shirts and some comfy pants ( when your prego i found out that comfy pants will fit through out the whole pregnancy) but since i have long legs NO PANTS FIT ME!!!! i have to either get like 2 sizes bigger then i would normally get and risk having them supper baggy.... or get my regular size and just end up cutting them mid shin or below my knee so i dont have floods ( hate that) so i tried on a XL super cute lounge comfy pants and they were long enough but i looked like clown pants and chase laughed at me and said they made my butt look big ( which they did hahah i even laughed) so i tried on a L and they were 6 inches SHORTER what they heck is that all about! So i didnt even try on my Mediums they would of been short shorts for me, so i just skipped the whole pants idea and got my 2 shirts they are so cute and i like old navy shirts kuz there long! And chase got like 5 shirts that he needed BAD! so i was happy he got them. Then we went to pet co and got the pups come dog treats and we looked at all the fish and for the first time i have seen a fish poop!!! I know im crazy but i have never seen one poop before ( not like really wanted to) but yeah so that kinda was cool for me and chase said i was like a little girl at the zoo hahah i was all excited! Then chase took me to jamba juice and got me a smoothie (my weakness) and we went and got cheese and crackers for dinner ( we were still stuffed from lunch so cheese and crackers were just right)

SORRY MORE to read and no pictures yet..... ill post then later

Saturday we went to breakfast, my favorite meal of the day!!!! We had plans to go to a few different places but at the last min. chase was like lets go to golden corral ... not my favorite place... but for breakfast its way good!!! We had the guy make us omelet and waffles! Then we went and got tickets for * couples retreat* super funny by the way!!! But the movie wasn't until 3:10 and it was only 11:00 am so we had some time to waste. So we went back to the mall hahah but this time there were some sales and not alot of people so it was nice. I really really really wanted to get our pictures taken in those little booths in the mall ya know... so we got some taken and went to areopostale and THEY HAD PANTS THEY FIT ME!!! and i only had to get one size bigger!! And they dont make my butt look big (thanks chase for letting me know)
Then chase really wanted to go back to old navy because he wanted to get 2 more shirts. So we walked in and they were handing out these cards, so i opened mine and mine was 10% off and chases was free stickers hahaha so it was nice to get that we only spent 20 bucks and chase said i had to get 2 more shirts to so i did. Then we went to our movie and just went home after because i was DEAD TIRED!!!! And then we watched marly and me ( i cried) and played games on the computer.... nerds!!!!! We never do that but it was alot of fun. We had plans to go to park city but i told chase we could spend the money that we would of used on a hotel, on other things so we just stayed home, which was just as fun just as long as was with chase i didnt care!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Ok well this goes backwards:
This is one of the blankets I made for my little babes
its Minki material and soooo so soft.

This is me 30 weeks

i think im about 27 weeks here

this is 27 weeks also just different days

26 weeks

24 weeks

this is my pups, i just thought she needed to be in this
post because she is just co cute, and she likes to help
me do the laundry. Either she will lay on the warm clothes that i
just fold or she will take the folded clothes and un-fold them for me.
She is so helpful haha

So the baby update: my belly is here!
I feel her move allll the time, and she wakes me up at night with kicks and
her rolling around.
She likes the Rascal Flatts- whenever im listening to them she just goes crazy... thats my girl!
She is going to have the most quilts and blankets then any baby i know!!! 4 from grandma and 3 from me and 2 from great-grandma... all handmade to so thats even better :)
(im actually a little jealous)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

more updates

So last week i had a Dr. Appointment to get a ultrasound, and everything looks great!!! She is healthy and everything is developing correctly. She is a little bit small, she is a week behind then what she is supposed to be, but the dr. wasnt worried about it. BUT its not her fault she is little, its mine!!!! I have a heart shaped uterus but mine is not perfectly heart, its like a really lop sided heart..... so one size is really big and the other is small, all of her body is in the right side except her cute little feet... she she looks like she is just lounging on the couch with her feet up ( in the ultrasound) So that makes it so she will probably come early because she will only be able to grow so much in the one area, and i will have to get a C-section because she wont be able to turn. And my mom had the same thing wrong with her, but hers is like a perfect heart, so my older brother came really early and when he was trying to turn he broke her water with his arm so he was stuck and it wasnt a good deal, and she had to have a emergency c-section. So....... all this stuff is good to know right ;) hahah
Im feeling great, my belly is finally looking prego and not fat hahah. Today i had a dr. appointment to and i had to do a glucous test, and i got a flu shot so i think i deserve a treat because i hate needles and shots and everything like that and today i got my blood taken AND a shot in the same arm and i did just fine!!! YAY, but my are hurts from the shot :( i didnt even get a sucker or a cute band aide... how rude! just kidding! I have gained 5 pounds and i was sure it was going to be a 10 pound weight gain but only 5! pictures soon to come i hope i have a lot to post!!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

little update

Well, my baby bump has GROWN... alot!! Its crazy i swear it changed over night. One day i woke up and was like wow....and my mom even noticed. I think my little girlie had a growth spurt and grew 3 inches and 1 pound haha!! Ill get some pictures up soon, i have a few from like 3 weeks so you can see the difference and the growth!

And school started, chase is busy with school and work and of coarse the gym! I havent been to the gym in like 3 months, i just go on walks and swim at my parents now, i just have no motivation to drive all the way to the gym and i have a good excuse right? And Iv started driving the cute kidos on the bus! First week down and only a million more to go :)

And..... the search for a house is still going on, the house we were looking at and going to get kinda fell through. And i found a few houses in the valley that we are going to look at and hopefully we get one of them!!! SOON!!!! wish us luck...

Friday, August 7, 2009

baby bump... 21 weeks

sorry for the naked belly picture.... you can just see it better this way
because with a my shirt down you cant really tell its there so yeah!
the pups!!!!!! she is so funny

chase flexin for the camera, the boys were brave
to swim up at bear like because it was cold (we got
up there at 6 ish... i think)

me and my cousins kelsie, me, alex! being superstars

BABY BENSON!!!! HE IS SO CUTE, and he is
such a good boy to! this was at the rodeo, and he is
really happy here because he just ate..

the Budweiser Clydesdale's they are amazing!
they weigh like 2 tons and have like a 22 inch horse shoe!
and the horse on the right in the front, it was his first
time pulling the cart!! so that was cool to see


Ok so this is chase playin softball for home depot!!!

This is a yummy cheese pizza my dad made for us but
on the top inside of the box he put " olive you" for my mom!
How cute!!!

This is my cute puppy!!!! Jurnee, she is so fun i love her,
she is actually a really good yorkie pup and i have her potty
trained (but she still has accidents every once in a while, BUT
who doesnt!! right! hahah) and she will sit whenever someone says
sit because she thinks that means treat, and now im teaching her to roll
over! good luck right!

so riley just really likes to eat candles and no cake...
but i dunno that that candle does look pretty good.....
happy birthday riley ( on the 24 of june )

my mom was so excited to use her now oven, and its
really cool because it has 6 burners, and a big oven and a small one
and then a griddle in the middle, for our yummy pancakes!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

..............!!!! :)

so i know you are all wondering what we are going to be having!!!!! well i think i should just leave you all hanging.... so i cant find my cored to my camera so i cant put any pictures up!!! And i cant put my card in the lap top because the card is to skinny so it sucks.... but ill looking for it hard, because i got ALOT of pictures to post!!!! so for now just hang in with these boring boing boing no picture posts....ok my mom says i should tell everyone....ITS A GIRL!!!! hailee JR.!!!!!!
im so excited and so is chase!! and we will be having the first girl on both sides ( first for my side) chase is going to be such a great dad and so far from the ultra sounds she has his little toe and he is stoked about that!!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009


Still no pictures, BUT, i know this is late but i wanted to wish my dad a happy fathers day!!! I have the best dad in the world, and im so glad he is mine! He is such a hard worker, he is very smart and so FUNNY! I hope he had a great fathers day, i did get him some cool stuff and i could tell he was excited to see what he got because he stopped eating and played with his stuff for like 30 min. LOVE YOU DAD!!!!! And to my grandpa even tho he isnt my dad, i still think he deserves a happy grandFATHERS day!!!! And to my husband the father to be... chase is going to be the best dad he already is great with kids and kids LOVE him so it will be exciting to see how he is with our JR. ..... Speaking of the baby, i have a dr. appointment tomorrow and hopefully we will find out what it is, my dr. said if its not shy it will show us what IT is.... crossing my fingers.... so for now its still a JR. chase or JR. hailee!!!!!!

OHHHH AND MY MOMS KITCHEN IS PRETTY MUCH DONE.... AND... me and chase signed on a house so we can start getting it fixed up and all that and we close on july 15!!!! so exciting!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


ok so alot has happened already in may! First it was my birthday on the 9th YAY big 22.... haha and it was such a nice day and i had alot of fun. Me, chase, my mom, dad, and grandpa went to Moore's Restaurant to eat breakfast( we go every year for my birthday) then we went to Costco with my dad to get food for mothers day. Then we went and looked at a house that is by my dads restaurant that is probably going up for sale soon ( i hope) because i want to get it bad! Then me and chase went up to Toad's and played at the arcade played mini golf, raced on the go carts and more mini golf it was alot of fun!!!!!! 
Sunday we went to my grandmas house and my dad cooked steak and shrimp, and we had potatoes, salad, rolls. IT WAS GOOD! Then i got to bust open my pinyata (spelling)  but it was un breakable i swear...... i was hitting that poor sponge bob for a good 5 min and still no candy, just a leg. Then my mom tried and nothing, the poor thing just ripped and fell off the rope, so we stuck it on the the tree and my little brother just slammed it and it broke open... but it was strong!!!! and i got alot of good candy and granola bars! Then i gave my mom her gifts, one was a candle warmer thing... and i got her different wax for her burner, then i took pictures of some flowers and i printed them pretty big and put them in frames for her, and then gave her a note and finally i gave her a picture and a frame that said i love my grandma! surprise! It was a great day we all had alot of fun and were stuffed...... OH YEAh chase made me a yummy cake! it was a chocolate pudding cake! my fav. well i still cant get pictures on here but i promise ill get some up!!!!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


SORRY, i have been slacking.... KIND OF... our computer broke so now i have to use the laptop and i dont have ANY pictures on here so thats why i havent been posting, but i do have a lot of pictures to post so when i get them all on here be prepared.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yogurt Pie!

This recipe is so easy and just delicious. You'd never guess how healthy it is, too.
1 graham cracker crust
2 individual containers yogurt (any flavor is great but we liked banana cream, key lime, and any of the berry yoplait or dannon--the 6-8 oz kinds)
1/2 small tub cool whip

Mix yogurt with cool whip until well blended
Pour into pie crust
Freeze until set (about half an hour)
Eat with berries or whipped cream for any meal :)
(Stays in fridge for about 2 days pretty well)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

random cute pictures.

So today we went to chase's cousins (Rachel) homecoming.
It was alot of fun, we went to his grandmas house after and ate
all this yummy food and desserts! And got to see all the family,
it was alot of fun, and i got a few good pictures before my camera died.

This is me and chase leaving his grandmas.

OK this picture is out of place, let me explain.....
i cut off a pair of my sweat pants and i put the part i
was throwing away on my head and my little brother
was like I WANT ONE! hahah so he put one on to, and
i think we could start a new trend. ITS RAD!

XANDER! what a cute kid!!!! he didnt want his picture
taken... but AUNT HAILEE is a meanie and took one

this is Enoch (spelling?) SOOOOO cute, LOOK AT THAT HAIR!

Every time i hold him his hungry or sleepy and it usually
turns out me giving him back to his mom or dad within
a min! ..... some day ill get to hold him longer when he isn't hungry
or tired!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Tag- I'm it!
I have been Tagged,
-Post rules on your blog. Answer the six "8" items.
Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving them a comment.

8 Favorite TV Shows: Las Vages, extream make over home edition, CSI, The office, ER, so you
think you can dance, Full house, Biggest loser.

8 Things I did yesterday? I went to work, ate breakfast and did laundry, went to the gym, hurried home and went back to work, finished laundry, watched tv, made dinner.

8 Things I look forward to: Breakfast, The gym, brushing my teeth, BED SLEEPING! pay checks, days off, SLEEPING IN, dates with my hubby.

8 Favorite Restaurants: My dads restaurant ( Piccolos), Chilies, Applebees, Goodwood, Cafe Rio or Costa Vida pretty much the same thing, Cheese cake factory, village inn, Dipping pot OH and famous daves.

8 Things on my wish list: A house, i want spring to be here NOW! A cruise... or hawaii, to find a million dollars hahah hahah... haha.. snap out of it hailee.. want to be unsick and want to know whats wrong with me! play soccer again.


foot prints and whip cream?

So... here in the valley i guess the new thing is to not wear
shoes when you go outside...? Lately my cute husband
has been going out to his car or just whatever he has
to do outside and NOT WEAR ANY SHOES OR SOCKS
poor toes!!! so i took come pictures of his latest... journey
with naked feet.. HE IS CRAZY!!! i can see maybe going
out there with shorts on or no jacket because i do that
but i make sure i have socks, slippers,shoes or boots on!
And trust me i know how his feet and toes feel because i
have done that myself ( and anyone that has been to our
house when he hot tub) we play no truth just dare! And
you usually always have to run around the house and
thast a long run in the deep, freezing, frozen snow! It
cuts your legs up and then you just jump into the hot tub and
ITS WORSE!!! it stings so dang bad but feels so good to be out
of that snow! So... i do know how his poor feet must feel BUT
no one dares him.. he just does it on his own. ( dont worry ill talk to him
and make sure he has shoes on next time.)

oh by the way.. the worst dare was to roll around in the snow and then run
to the end of the yard... touch the fence ( smart huh.. touch a
fence with wet hands...) and run back do i flip on the tramp and then sit in
the snow for a min..... its the worst thing ever!

Oh hello whip cream people.... haha this is Chase
and his shadow Jake. They were making some dessert
and i guess this is as far as they got....

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

blood copy and past this. Its SO CUTE and funny!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

funny faces, game faces, libby and snow!

This is our cute dog libbyloo! she is the best dog
in the world. And we can make her do this bark/howl
thing. We just have to go libby listen... and she like
perks all up and listens and then we say wheres
..... ex: chase and she looks around and then lets out this
bowwwww like a hound dog almost, and then she goes
and finds chase or who ever you say. But i must say
she has a addiction problem.... she loves her toys!
She carries them around everywhere... she even carries
it outside with her. And she sleeps with it and sometimes
wont eat because she wont let her toy leave her site!
So we have solved this problem, we hide the toys.
But..... sad to say that still doesnt work, she just looks at
where they are ( ex. in the desk, in a closet, on top of things,
under things.. ect...) So they she had withdrawals and barks
scratches and tries to open things and dig, and climb! poor libby
but we did finally get her mind off of them. And she only
likes squeaky toys. And... she knows when grandma comes.....
she will get her toys and then we start all over again with her

SNOW!!!!!!!! let me just say up here in the valley
we got a LOT of snow!!!! 30 inches give or take 2 inches
hahah... and me and my mom had to drive
the bus in this mess!!! NO SNOW DAYS in the
valley i guess! But these pictures just show like a foot
of snow or so, not sure how much there was.

FUNNY FACES: staring Luke and Jake.
Ok so the other night i went into Lukes
room and he was like take pictures of me
and Jake shaking our heads. ( he likes this
if you cant tell i have a few other post
with this shaking of the head thing) but anyways
i did and this is what we got!

GAME FACES: Riley,Chase an Luke playing halo.
its so funny to watched peoples faces when they
play games, and get into them. My husband and
brothers and our adopted brother Jake are so funny
to watch i love it! Riley is probably the best to watch
he gets really into it, and this picture doesn't show it as
well as i would like but its the best i could do with out him
looking at me and noticing me. Chase likes to stick his tongue
out and sometimes his eyes get all big and surprised looking.
Luke is probably the most normal one, occasionally he does
something funny. And Jake ( no pic) he is funny because
he turns his head and looks out of the corner of his eye!

sorry this was such a long post.... but i had alot of stuff
to write about!