Tuesday, September 15, 2009

more updates

So last week i had a Dr. Appointment to get a ultrasound, and everything looks great!!! She is healthy and everything is developing correctly. She is a little bit small, she is a week behind then what she is supposed to be, but the dr. wasnt worried about it. BUT its not her fault she is little, its mine!!!! I have a heart shaped uterus but mine is not perfectly heart, its like a really lop sided heart..... so one size is really big and the other is small, all of her body is in the right side except her cute little feet... she she looks like she is just lounging on the couch with her feet up ( in the ultrasound) So that makes it so she will probably come early because she will only be able to grow so much in the one area, and i will have to get a C-section because she wont be able to turn. And my mom had the same thing wrong with her, but hers is like a perfect heart, so my older brother came really early and when he was trying to turn he broke her water with his arm so he was stuck and it wasnt a good deal, and she had to have a emergency c-section. So....... all this stuff is good to know right ;) hahah
Im feeling great, my belly is finally looking prego and not fat hahah. Today i had a dr. appointment to and i had to do a glucous test, and i got a flu shot so i think i deserve a treat because i hate needles and shots and everything like that and today i got my blood taken AND a shot in the same arm and i did just fine!!! YAY, but my are hurts from the shot :( i didnt even get a sucker or a cute band aide... how rude! just kidding! I have gained 5 pounds and i was sure it was going to be a 10 pound weight gain but only 5! pictures soon to come i hope i have a lot to post!!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

little update

Well, my baby bump has GROWN... alot!! Its crazy i swear it changed over night. One day i woke up and was like wow....and my mom even noticed. I think my little girlie had a growth spurt and grew 3 inches and 1 pound haha!! Ill get some pictures up soon, i have a few from like 3 weeks so you can see the difference and the growth!

And school started, chase is busy with school and work and of coarse the gym! I havent been to the gym in like 3 months, i just go on walks and swim at my parents now, i just have no motivation to drive all the way to the gym and i have a good excuse right? And Iv started driving the cute kidos on the bus! First week down and only a million more to go :)

And..... the search for a house is still going on, the house we were looking at and going to get kinda fell through. And i found a few houses in the valley that we are going to look at and hopefully we get one of them!!! SOON!!!! wish us luck...