Monday, January 24, 2011

One of my new years resolutions this year was to not eat candy or desserts ( iv done this before for a whole year) well it's been a month almost and I'm still going strong, I'm not doing this to lose weight I'm doing it because sugar just isn't good for your teeth for your body so that's why in doing it. And on a different note, Preslee did not sleep last night, I felt like I was taking care of a new born again .. My body isn't use to this stuff, but she finally went to sleep while I cuddled her, so it made it worth missing out on 4 hours of sleep

Friday, January 14, 2011


Havent posted for a while, iv been busy/lazy.... so Happy late new years! Preslee didnt make it to midnight, she went to bed around 10:00 and usually i go to bed when she does so i was really wanting to go to bed, but Chase wouldnt let i forced myself to stay awake until 12:10 and i was in bed and asleep! Hahaha i use to LOVE to stay up late, but not anymore.
Preslee just got over a cold that i had no idea she had! Crazy right? Well on Saturday night she woke up from a nap and she felt hot everywhere so i checked her temp and sure enough she had a temp 101.6. I gave her some Tylenol and she had her dinner (that she didnt want to eat) so i just cuddled her and she just laid there, thats when i knew for sure she didnt feel good. She went to bed at 9:30 and every 4 hours i woke her up to give her tylenol. Sunday she seemed fine, still a little fever 100 degrees and she was just really fussy. Well, wednesday morning she had a rash alllll over her belly and back i was a little worried kuz i had no idea that she had a cold for one and i was wondering why she had a rash.... so i called the dr, told her she was fussy had a fever and she is getting a tooth in so i wasnt sure if it was her teething or what. So she told us to come in the next day (yesterday) She told us her rash was a virus rash and she probably was just getting over her cold, and her body just fought  it off quick....and today she seems to be feeling better, not as fussy and sleeping soooooo so so so much better! Waking up every hour is NO fun when you have to wake up at 5 to go to work..but we made it through :)
 Preslee gets so excited when she has the tv remote, she loves to change the channels
 She also loves the dog bed, she goes and sits in it and puts her toys in it, just waiting for the day she falls asleep in it.
 Crazy pig tails! this was supposed to be her new spring outfit, but i really wanted her to wear it so ...she did, and she looked so cute.
 She loves her rocking chair
            And today we went out and played in the snow since it was warm outside! I pulled her around in her sled and she would lean out and get her hand covered in snow and try to eat it off, well..... sad to say we ended out play time early because she leaned to far and tipped over! She face planted in the snow and she had snow all over her face( it was kinda cute, i laughed after i knew she was ok) she hated it at first, she looked at me like get IT OFF! then she found her sock( socks worked better then her mittens, they actually stay on!) and started to eat the snow. We played for about 30 min it was alot of fun.
 i love days off :)
Oh.... ps
can i just tell you something that bugs me WAY bad?
Well i hate when you get home from shopping and your looking at the clothes you got, taking the tags and stickers off ect...well thats what i did last week and i get to chases hoodie and it still had the ink thing that the store has to take off still on it! DANG that bugs me. Oh well tomorrow ill go out and get it taken off. haha well have a great day!