Saturday, March 2, 2013

Its been way to long.

Hello blog, nice to see you again! So a lot of stuff has happened since I last posted....almost a year!
Preslee is now 3 and is one independent girl! She has tall girl problems already (pooooor girl) she wears  size 3t pants but they are to short.. if she wears 4t pants the waist  is WAY to big and the length is perfect..... humm....lets just say we roll all her pants or she wears boots. Her 3t shirts are to short but we just get xxs or xs shirts in the big girl department. She wears a size 8.5 shoe and her hair is down to her bum :)

We just moved back up to the valley a week ago and it feels so great to be back up here!!! We are renting our north ogden home out to a super cute lady that just recently lost her husband and wants to be closer to her sister, who lives 5 houses down. Chase has been busy helping my brother and dad start there business up! PICCOLINOS it will be a drive through pizza place, we will also be offering breakfast pizza, pastries and coffee... lunch and dinner. We are super excited about this but its also super stressful! Should be open this spring so come and try it, its right across the street from our other restaurant (piccolos pizza and pasta) on 13th and washington in ogden.

Pictures of Preslees birthday party..we went to iggys and then went and saw Wreck it ralph (dec 2)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Potty trained

Yes its true, P has potty trained herself pretty much! I tried to potty train her when she turned 2 in December but with 3 different people watching her while i was at work it was hard to get them all on the same track and so it didnt work out. So I put it on hold until summer and I just put underwear on her and said ok you cant go pee or poop in your undies or it was get alll over. At first she just wanted me to put a diaper on her and so I hid the diapers and said we had no more so she had to pee in the potty and she also got a little treat if she went and it worked! She wakes up dry from naps and during the night she goes pee around 11 or 12 depending on when she goes to sleep and around 6am and then goes back to sleep until 8:30 then will go after breakfast! We went to chases softball game last night and I put her in a pull up just in case and she went potty at the park!!! I was so happy!! She has pretty much done it all on her own because i think she thinks she has too hahah remember i "hid" the diapers :) It has been 2 weeks of only 1 accident so i think that is pretty dang good! GO PRESLEE!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dog Days of summer

 I guess its official, summer is here! They said on the news today we broke the recored of 92 degrees back in 1881, we got to 95 degrees in salt lake today and I could sure feel the heat!
School is out and summer break is ON! I love this time of year!!! Lots of swimming, parks, spoon me, water and dirt-mud, smell of flowers and grass...allergies OH wait i dont like those....
We have been busy already but I have found out that it takes a lot of work to try and find fun things to do everyday with a toddler other then the park and the usual stuff, so this summer im making it my goal to find different things to do.
Preslee has been saying the cutest things, I write them all in my journal if i can remember them, but today she said something that just make me laugh so hard, it was so stinkin cute!
We were in the car and she was SO tired and just wanted to go home, well saturday nights are our pizza nights and we get pizza from my dads restaurant so we still had to go there and pick up our pizza. Preslee asks what we are doing and I say "we are going to papas to get our pizza"
Preslee- "NOO mommy no no no no no"
Me-"Do you not want pizza?"
Preslee-"Mom im tired, see look at my eyes they are tired. Look at my eyes momma"
Me-"wow, they do look very sleepy, ok then no pizza"
Preslee-"ok im not that sleepy, just a little"
I just thought it was so cute and she sounded so grown up! she is getting so big and independent and just smart! (thats good and bad) haha

Preslee and Papa looking through the binoculars 

Preslee say CHEEESE...... or not? haha 

Looking at the eclipse 

Preslee looking at the eclipse, she LOVED it! 

Looks like a crime scene, but its just finger paint :)

Her new favorite summer lunch, Peanut butter and nutella fold over,
apples and bananas yummy!! 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

spring break!

 Oh how I love spring break! We were supposed to go to arizona but a few things happened that made it so we couldn't go....SO we are stuck here :( its ok though because I have got A LOT of things done around the house. I painted my door YELLOW! It looks so good, i love love love it! Also we have been trying to get my grandma moved out of her house and up to my parents house. She retired on her birthday March 23 GO GRANDMA. We have also been enjoying the warmish weather doing a lot of yard work and that = preslee getting really dirty, so lots of baths for her. She loves bath time so its no problem. So I was looking through some pictures on my lap top and I wanted to put a recent picture up of her and one from when she was around 5 months old.  She has changed so much!! I haven't really noticed but when you see pictures and compare them it shows a lot. I think she looks sooooo different everything has changed BUT her nose ha ha Her hair is now just a few inches from her butt!!!! (when it is straight) she can talks like crazy and says full sentences. She loves chicken nuggets, pizza , any fruit and just a few veggies ( carrots, cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, avocado, pickles and peas in the pod) she also loves yogurt and soup. She is a pretty good eater so i can usually have her eat anything we are eating. She is almost potty trained, for some reason she just doesnt want to do it. It has got in phases, so iv decided we will just keep trying but we wont push her. She does get out of the bath and get on her potty and go....which i think is weird hahah how easy would it be to just go in the tub? but nope, she gets out and goes and then gets back in ha ha she is a stinker. She wears 2t clothes but some of the pants and shirts are to short on her so i have to get her 3t but then the waist of the pants are to big! So im very happy its getting to be warm weather DRESSES and SHORTS! she wears size 4 diapers....skinny girl. Well thats about all that is happening around our house! CANT wait for summer break....may 25 cant come fast enough :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

We are alive!

I havent posted in FOREVER! We have been busy with work and school and more work and of coarse having fun. 
This was from a while ago but I thought it was so cute I had to put it on. My dad watches Preslee one day a week. My dad takes her to his restaurant and he lets Preslee make Pizzas and pretty much whatever she wants. This is my brother Riley or Ry Ry as Preslee says. 

 She had flour EVERYWHERE!
This was from her birthday dec 2, she is way into Princesses and all that so she was SO excited to open this. Christmas was a blast this year, Preslee went crazy opening presents and not just hers :) She got a lot of fun toys and clothes and a ton of play dough!!!

Friday, September 30, 2011


 My brother Riley got married on Aug 17 in the bountiful temple...and so this is our attempt to get a cute family shot with my phone... instead we get a Preslee sandwich and she was a very ornery girl.
 ISNT SHE SOOOOOO CUTE! gosh i love her! And one of her FAVORITE things is the bath so she was super happy :)
 She loves the park and goes down the BIG slides and loves it.
Advertising ohhhh yeah!
Her hair is getting SO long, when it is straight it goes down past her shoulder blades. 

A few things I want to remember about Preslee are:
So loooves to talk! And talks well for her age she can probably say over 150 words. 
One of my favorite things she says is "what doing?" she started off just yelling it when i would be out of sight and when she would find me she was say mom...what doing? hahah but now she says it alllll the time! She will answer the phone and say HIIII what doing? or if im cutting my nails she comes over and says it again hahah i love it! 
She wears 2T clothes and some of the pants are even to short for her...shes getting tall
She isnt potty trained yet even though she could be she just doesnt like the toilet but she can tell me when she is going to pee or poo so for now she is still in diapers.. size 3 (tall and skinny)
She wears a size 7 shoe
She LOVEs her babies and stuffed animals.
She cant go anywhere without her binky, blanket and baby. 
She sleeps from 9 or 10 until 8 or 9
Her favorite movie is mulan, tangled and tinker bell 
Some foods she likes are- pizza, grapes, peaches, plums, apples, carrots, peas (in the pod) bananas, yogurt and kiefer, chicken nuggets and juice. and of coarse candy but i try to limit it. 
Her personality is SO cute and it grows daily, i love that she can entertain herself. 

Anyways, we have been really busy. School has started and me and chase hardly see each other between school and work. Cant even believe halloween is almost here, and that christmas decorations are already out! Time is flying by! 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

birthdays and wedding

My little brothers birthday was on June 15th he turned 21!!!! Not so little anymore I guess..
Then it was my older brothers birthday on June 24 he turned ....ready for this...27! We are all growing up and it fun to see everything that is happening to us BUT when I look at old pictures of us I wish we were little again, it was so fun being little with no responsibilities no worries other then making sure your brothers dont find your candy hahah I have great memories of my brothers when we were young, we all got along really well and still do now, I love my brothers so much im a proud sister! 
Preslee looks pretty cool with those glasses, dont cha think

 I did her hair in a 'up do' and it made her look SO grown up! She looked so dang cute, i probably took 10 pictures of her and i would of took more but she was done with pictures.
 My little brother got married... it was a perfect day (not to hot, Hallelujah) Alix look so beautiful and she is just so cute I was so excited for her, and Luke was just handsome like always. I was watching him watch his bride walk down the isle and it almost made me cry, just seeing the way she looked at her was so amazing... he is so in love :)

 This is Preslee eating a lemon at the reception hahah so cute
 Brother riley smakin his pinata... there was some good candy in there :)  
MY BIG GIRL!!! i love her so much! She is 19 months old Today... oh speaking of birthdays again, my dads birthday was on the 30th and my moms is today july 2....I love my parents, they have always been there for us kids and have taught us to work, we had to work for our own cars in high school and im pretty sure it made it so we treated our cars better that way. (true right) Thanks mom and dad for everything you have taught me and loving us so much! YOU GUYS ROCK, and your the best grandparents eva!