Wednesday, February 25, 2009

blood copy and past this. Its SO CUTE and funny!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

funny faces, game faces, libby and snow!

This is our cute dog libbyloo! she is the best dog
in the world. And we can make her do this bark/howl
thing. We just have to go libby listen... and she like
perks all up and listens and then we say wheres
..... ex: chase and she looks around and then lets out this
bowwwww like a hound dog almost, and then she goes
and finds chase or who ever you say. But i must say
she has a addiction problem.... she loves her toys!
She carries them around everywhere... she even carries
it outside with her. And she sleeps with it and sometimes
wont eat because she wont let her toy leave her site!
So we have solved this problem, we hide the toys.
But..... sad to say that still doesnt work, she just looks at
where they are ( ex. in the desk, in a closet, on top of things,
under things.. ect...) So they she had withdrawals and barks
scratches and tries to open things and dig, and climb! poor libby
but we did finally get her mind off of them. And she only
likes squeaky toys. And... she knows when grandma comes.....
she will get her toys and then we start all over again with her

SNOW!!!!!!!! let me just say up here in the valley
we got a LOT of snow!!!! 30 inches give or take 2 inches
hahah... and me and my mom had to drive
the bus in this mess!!! NO SNOW DAYS in the
valley i guess! But these pictures just show like a foot
of snow or so, not sure how much there was.

FUNNY FACES: staring Luke and Jake.
Ok so the other night i went into Lukes
room and he was like take pictures of me
and Jake shaking our heads. ( he likes this
if you cant tell i have a few other post
with this shaking of the head thing) but anyways
i did and this is what we got!

GAME FACES: Riley,Chase an Luke playing halo.
its so funny to watched peoples faces when they
play games, and get into them. My husband and
brothers and our adopted brother Jake are so funny
to watch i love it! Riley is probably the best to watch
he gets really into it, and this picture doesn't show it as
well as i would like but its the best i could do with out him
looking at me and noticing me. Chase likes to stick his tongue
out and sometimes his eyes get all big and surprised looking.
Luke is probably the most normal one, occasionally he does
something funny. And Jake ( no pic) he is funny because
he turns his head and looks out of the corner of his eye!

sorry this was such a long post.... but i had alot of stuff
to write about!

Monday, February 16, 2009


who knew we would fall in love.....

me when i was just a baby!

and my wonderful husband (baby form)

us a little bit older, and a little bit cuter...

chase, fremont basketball. what a stud

and me with my wrinkly shorts because i just didnt fold
my clothes back then i guess, i have no idea. But this is
me, snowcrest basketball, i couldnt find my weber pictures
but thats ok.

so who knew we would fall in love...
and get married!!!!!!!!!
I love my husband so much, he means everything to me!
He is such a great example to me and such a hard worker.
i love him so much and im so glad we have our whole life
to be with each other! love you babe!