Monday, March 15, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

15 things .......

So i'll be putting pics up here probably tomorrow if i find time... or if i remember :)... but just a quick update on things.
1- Preslee loves her hands! She watches them more and she sucks on them now... ALOT
2- She puts her hands on her bottle and she tries to hold it... or she just yanks the bottle out of her mouth ( yes even when im holding it.. she throws it out of my hands to!)
3- She tries soo soo soo hard to laugh and sometimes it comes out.. and its so cute!!
4- She loves the bath even more now that she kicks, she splashes herself and that makes her want to splash more!
5- Rice cereal.... yum
6- She has now seen a dog, birds, horses, cats, and a baby goat.. up close and personal ....
7- she can roll over sometimes it makes her tired to try it so sometimes she just gives up and get frustrated
8- She holds her head up pretty dang good
9- she loves to kick kick kick and play with her toys and grab hair haha
10- She talks and yells... its not a cry its a yell and its funny.. OH but dont laugh at her because she will get her bottom lip out and start to cry
11- she recognizes ppl now.. and when she meets someone new she does that same lip thing and then cries
12- she is sleeping really good, we go to bed around 9 or 10 and she sleeps until 3 eats then back to sleep until 9 .... i think thats pretty dang good! but sometimes she will sleep all the way till 9 .... not to often tho
13- we went on our first walk outside last week when it was warm and she slept the whole time... and then a hour after that.
14- She makes it hard to change her diaper now, she kicks, smiles, talks kicks some more and moves herself to the very edge of the changing pad but she still loves to be changed
15- she might be one of those babies who just wear a diaper in the summer.... because she loves to be naked! loves it

she is so fun!!!!!! And she is getting so big she fitting in her 3-6 month clothes perfect... so it better get warm here quick because all her 6 month clothes are shorts, skirts, and tank tops, flip flops, sun glasses and hats !!! Ok not all but alot of them are.