Tuesday, November 2, 2010

11 months

(not a 11 month old pic but its cute)

Preslee is getting SO big, and so independent. 
She loves to climb on her rocking chair and she tries to climb on the couch and coffee table so we
have to watch her REALLY close. 
Preslee now has a total of 7 teeth 3 on top and 4 on bottom.
She can say Mom Dad, Papa, mamamam for grandma, Hot, OHHHH jurn (jurnee is our dog and i always say ohhh jurn and pet her and Preslee will do the same thing ) she says NO like a champ hahah 
She talks to pictures of babies and animals, its so cute! 
SHE IS SO LOUD! who would of known that i would have a loud baby! 
She LOVES LOVES LOVES pet co , we go about 3 times a month and look at the puppies and cats, fish and birds the turtles and lizards she loves them all!
She has had 5 hair cuts and she needs another one. 
She loves apple juice, and cheese puffs. she HATES peas and beans but i like to try and feed them to her anyways. 
Her personality is coming out everyday and she is so fun! 
She loves to listen to music and she dances and has some really good moves too! and when i dance with her she just rolls over and laughs, its pretty funny
She gets mad if you try to help her do something that she has done before thats funny too, so of coarse i try and help just to see those eyebrows go down