Friday, September 30, 2011


 My brother Riley got married on Aug 17 in the bountiful temple...and so this is our attempt to get a cute family shot with my phone... instead we get a Preslee sandwich and she was a very ornery girl.
 ISNT SHE SOOOOOO CUTE! gosh i love her! And one of her FAVORITE things is the bath so she was super happy :)
 She loves the park and goes down the BIG slides and loves it.
Advertising ohhhh yeah!
Her hair is getting SO long, when it is straight it goes down past her shoulder blades. 

A few things I want to remember about Preslee are:
So loooves to talk! And talks well for her age she can probably say over 150 words. 
One of my favorite things she says is "what doing?" she started off just yelling it when i would be out of sight and when she would find me she was say mom...what doing? hahah but now she says it alllll the time! She will answer the phone and say HIIII what doing? or if im cutting my nails she comes over and says it again hahah i love it! 
She wears 2T clothes and some of the pants are even to short for her...shes getting tall
She isnt potty trained yet even though she could be she just doesnt like the toilet but she can tell me when she is going to pee or poo so for now she is still in diapers.. size 3 (tall and skinny)
She wears a size 7 shoe
She LOVEs her babies and stuffed animals.
She cant go anywhere without her binky, blanket and baby. 
She sleeps from 9 or 10 until 8 or 9
Her favorite movie is mulan, tangled and tinker bell 
Some foods she likes are- pizza, grapes, peaches, plums, apples, carrots, peas (in the pod) bananas, yogurt and kiefer, chicken nuggets and juice. and of coarse candy but i try to limit it. 
Her personality is SO cute and it grows daily, i love that she can entertain herself. 

Anyways, we have been really busy. School has started and me and chase hardly see each other between school and work. Cant even believe halloween is almost here, and that christmas decorations are already out! Time is flying by!