Saturday, March 2, 2013

Its been way to long.

Hello blog, nice to see you again! So a lot of stuff has happened since I last posted....almost a year!
Preslee is now 3 and is one independent girl! She has tall girl problems already (pooooor girl) she wears  size 3t pants but they are to short.. if she wears 4t pants the waist  is WAY to big and the length is perfect..... humm....lets just say we roll all her pants or she wears boots. Her 3t shirts are to short but we just get xxs or xs shirts in the big girl department. She wears a size 8.5 shoe and her hair is down to her bum :)

We just moved back up to the valley a week ago and it feels so great to be back up here!!! We are renting our north ogden home out to a super cute lady that just recently lost her husband and wants to be closer to her sister, who lives 5 houses down. Chase has been busy helping my brother and dad start there business up! PICCOLINOS it will be a drive through pizza place, we will also be offering breakfast pizza, pastries and coffee... lunch and dinner. We are super excited about this but its also super stressful! Should be open this spring so come and try it, its right across the street from our other restaurant (piccolos pizza and pasta) on 13th and washington in ogden.

Pictures of Preslees birthday party..we went to iggys and then went and saw Wreck it ralph (dec 2)