Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My favorite dinner

I make a mad stir fry dinner...and I love it! We have it once or twice a week, sometimes I will tweak it a little so its not exactly the same, and sometimes we will have kimchi and tofu with it. But its healthy, filling and just GOOD! And we don't usually have dessert but today we did, moms homemade rice pudding!

Whole wheat noodles

Bell peppers (yellow, green and red) Snow peas, cabbage, garlic, Mushrooms, sprouts, asparagus,onion,Anaheim pepers, with some stir fry sauce mmmmmm yum..

For dessert I had homemade rice pudding :)

And this is Preslee's favorite sleeping position

Sunday, April 11, 2010

this is how i feel

So I think I am going to erase my blog..... no reason to really post anything no one ever comments so for all I know no one reads my blog which is ok I just don't want to waste my time posting if no one reads it.

the end

Thursday, April 8, 2010

HEY!!! if ANYONE reads this....i have another blog for my Etsy shop. or click the link on the right side of my blog.
My etsy shop is

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I have another blog. Its my craft blog and its also my ETSY blog, so check it out, right now i only have one bag up for sale, ill have more really soon i just need to get pictures up. :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Peslee is 4 months!

Just got back from Preslee's 4 month Dr. Appointment, she got her shots and she did really good!
Weight: 13.7 lbs
Hight: 24 1/2 inches
and she is in her 6 month clothes now : )

Preslee rolls over so easy now, and she prefers to sleep on her belly ...ok with me!!!

She sleeps through the night. Usually goes to bed around 9:30 and wakes up about 7 or 8:00 and sometimes she will wake up around 4 and then sleep till 9 so i get some good sleep these days!

She is a wiggle worm.. she loves to kick, move her arms, roll, and she moves forward, so when she sleeps i have to put her alllll the way down in her crib and then in the morning she is allllll the way to the top of her crib.

She likes to talk and copy what you are doing with your face and mouth.

She blows raspberries haha so funny and cute

She likes to lift her head when she is on her belly and look around. I think that is the cutest thing every!

She grabs her pacifier out of her mouth and will do little noises and then put it back in, she also holds her bottle...( or throws in on the floor )

She loves her rice cereal!!!!

She likes to suck her thumb only when she is being held... and then when she is trying to go to sleep she puts her whole fist in her mouth...and she ends up gaging herself hahah

She loves to smile and laugh! And she is ticklish on her collar bone and on her legs. When i change her clothes she will start to crack up.

She like her belly to be rubbed

She likes to watch cartoons...and the news hhaha and she will watch and tries to reach for them.... better watch out doggers!!

She does really good at church, she isnt noisy.. (YET) she just watches the ppl sitting behind us.

She still loves to get her diaper changed

Her hair is getting so long! It is now past her ears, and it covers her eyes.. and she has about a half a inch new stuff growing in

She doesnt like head bands she gets mean eyebrows when i put them on her, and right when i take them of she has happy eyebrows.

She puts her self to sleep by rubbing her hands on her minki blanket i have laid down on the bed for her.

She hates it when you try to make her arms do something like ...example patty cake...she will get all bent out of shape over that but if you do it with your own hands she will put her hands on yours its so cute.

Over all she is a really good baby!!! I love her so much and i love to watch her learn new things she is fun...keeps me busy!

love ya pres!!!