Tuesday, July 14, 2009

..............!!!! :)

so i know you are all wondering what we are going to be having!!!!! well i think i should just leave you all hanging.... so i cant find my cored to my camera so i cant put any pictures up!!! And i cant put my card in the lap top because the card is to skinny so it sucks.... but ill looking for it hard, because i got ALOT of pictures to post!!!! so for now just hang in with these boring boing boing no picture posts....ok my mom says i should tell everyone....ITS A GIRL!!!! hailee JR.!!!!!!
im so excited and so is chase!! and we will be having the first girl on both sides ( first for my side) chase is going to be such a great dad and so far from the ultra sounds she has his little toe and he is stoked about that!!!!