Monday, June 14, 2010

6 month stats!

Preslee had her 6 month appointment today Finally!
She weighs in at- 16.1lbs (45%)
She is - 26 in long (59%)
And her head is 42 cm (30%)
She also got her shots :( , i think she knew what was happening because she started to cry when she say the needles! But after the shots she did fine and was happy... ( as happy as a baby can be after getting shots)
Then we went to the store and got some more baby food- got a bunch of bananas because she LOVES those, and when we got home i fed her peas (fist time) and peaches( 2nd time she likes them too) she actually did really well with the peas i was surprised. The Doc also told me she needs protein and to get the meat baby foods..YUCK!
I love her so much she is SO much fun and such a good baby!

i want a dog like that :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

See those 2 little teeth on that little girl....

my dad combed her hair just like his, and he was proud of it :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

6 Months!

My sweet P is 6 months old! Wow does time fly or what.
She hasn't been to the Dr. for her 6 month app. yet because im way busy this week so it will wait until next week.
She is so fun and she changes sooooo fast here are a few things she likes to do.
Chew on her fingers, bottle, pacifier,blankets you name it
She has 2 teeth! And she handled teething really good!
She can now push her belly all the way off the ground for about 15 seconds, then she goes to try and move her legs and she falls back down on her belly. She will be crawling in no time....dunno if thats a good thing or not :)
She still loves her bananas
She loves to crinkle up paper and she will play with it forever!
She loves pizza crust, and she gets SOOOO mad when you have to take it away from her
She loves to drink from a glass( and her little teeth hit the glass and it makes a cute noise haha so cute)
She hates it when i sit her down and walk away, she will cry cry cry cry cry until i go and get her( mommy's girl )
She sits up on her own pretty good, sometimes she will fall over still
She peeks, like if she wants to see something that is on the other side of you when you are holding her she will peek around you....its so cute
She sleeps like a pro from 9 to 9!
She has the cutest dimples and smile and laugh ever! I cant get enough of them.
She love to smother you with her face, she will grab your hair (ouch) and pull you close you her face and just kiss you and rub her face allllllll over yours its my fav.
she is ticklish bad!!!!
She loves her mommy and is definitely a mommys girl.