Saturday, February 18, 2012

We are alive!

I havent posted in FOREVER! We have been busy with work and school and more work and of coarse having fun. 
This was from a while ago but I thought it was so cute I had to put it on. My dad watches Preslee one day a week. My dad takes her to his restaurant and he lets Preslee make Pizzas and pretty much whatever she wants. This is my brother Riley or Ry Ry as Preslee says. 

 She had flour EVERYWHERE!
This was from her birthday dec 2, she is way into Princesses and all that so she was SO excited to open this. Christmas was a blast this year, Preslee went crazy opening presents and not just hers :) She got a lot of fun toys and clothes and a ton of play dough!!!

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Jesse.Amanda.Maelee said...

Holy cow when did she get so big!? She is adorable Hailee!