Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My favorite dinner

I make a mad stir fry dinner...and I love it! We have it once or twice a week, sometimes I will tweak it a little so its not exactly the same, and sometimes we will have kimchi and tofu with it. But its healthy, filling and just GOOD! And we don't usually have dessert but today we did, moms homemade rice pudding!

Whole wheat noodles

Bell peppers (yellow, green and red) Snow peas, cabbage, garlic, Mushrooms, sprouts, asparagus,onion,Anaheim pepers, with some stir fry sauce mmmmmm yum..

For dessert I had homemade rice pudding :)

And this is Preslee's favorite sleeping position


Kelsie said...

Mmm looks delish. U should make me some when I come up there!! Little sweet P looks so cute and comfy!

Kylee Adam said...

Just so u know I read your blog every time you post something! I am just horrible at leaving comments. Your little girl is so stinking cute! Paislee wants to meet her!

Jenna said...

Your dinner looks yummy! And Im with Kylee, I look at your blog too but am a horrible commenter.