Monday, June 14, 2010

6 month stats!

Preslee had her 6 month appointment today Finally!
She weighs in at- 16.1lbs (45%)
She is - 26 in long (59%)
And her head is 42 cm (30%)
She also got her shots :( , i think she knew what was happening because she started to cry when she say the needles! But after the shots she did fine and was happy... ( as happy as a baby can be after getting shots)
Then we went to the store and got some more baby food- got a bunch of bananas because she LOVES those, and when we got home i fed her peas (fist time) and peaches( 2nd time she likes them too) she actually did really well with the peas i was surprised. The Doc also told me she needs protein and to get the meat baby foods..YUCK!
I love her so much she is SO much fun and such a good baby!

i want a dog like that :)

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Alexa Mae said...

that dog is freaky!

i can't believe little miss p is already 6 months. she is soooo cute! you will have to record her eating the nasty meat baby food for the first time. love both of you girls!