Saturday, May 1, 2010

5 months old!

Well Preslee is 5 months old!!!


She has her first cold OR allergies... And its soooooooo sad. She has a runny nose and she sneezes. Bad news starting to feel yucky too....DANG!

Preslee has changes so much just in this last week, its crazy how babies change so much in such a little bit of time!
A few things she does:
* She laughs at everything- when your talking on the phone, talking to anyone or dogs haha she will just look at you with a big big big smile and then when your looking at her she will start to laugh. She also laughs when you repeat something... like example if you say litttttle girl (repeated) she will start to laugh.
* SHE IS TICKLISH on her belly, sides, legs and bottom of her feet
* She loves her legs rubbed and her arms rubbed and she gets baby goosebumps its so cute :)
* She chews on her fingers and thumb...sometimes she will suck on them but she likes to chew on them and shes not teething.
* When shes on her belly she is starting to push up with her arms alot more, next step is getting those legs going and she will be crawling in no time, and ill be in for it then :)
* She loves to roll all over the place, she rolls every direction.
* She talks to herself when she wakes up from naps.
* She has learned Stranger Danger 4 months... hummmm ....dunno if thats good because everyone she meets she just starts to CRY ....
* She sleeps from 8:30/10:00PM to 8:00/9:00 AM
* She still loves her baths and loves her diaper changed...she laughs at that too.
* AND she had her first hair cut last week
* She loves apple sauce and she makes this face like she just ate a lemon when you first give it to her and when she has had enough! its so funny. and i tend to copy all her faces..... ( no wonder she smiles while she eats)

I love my Preslee girl! I hope she starts to feel better soon, its sad to see your baby sick even if its just something small.

Oh...and i cant WAIT for summer to be here...or at least just some warm weather so we can go on walks!!!!


Natalie said...

They grow up WAY to fast! She's a cutie!

Alexa Mae said...

That is the cutest thing that she lauughs at everything! 5 months flew by super fast. Before we know it, she will be ONE and walking!! She is adorable Hailee! Put up more pictures!

Alyssa said...

She is such a was fun seeing the two of you at baby's r us the other day. You'r such a cute mamma!